16 Jan 2020

Bushfires: Can Ecosystems Recover From Such Dramatic Losses Of Biodiversity?

The sheer scale and intensity of the Australian bushfire crisis have led to apocalyptic scenes

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05 Sep 2019

Damage Estimates For Hurricanes Like Dorian Don’t Capture The Full Cost Of Climate Change-Fueled Disasters

Scientists say climate change is causing powerful hurricanes like Dorian to increasingly stall over coastal

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30 Aug 2019

Amazon Fires: Eight Ways You Can Help Stop The Rainforest Burning

A tragedy continues to unfold across the Amazon. Tens of thousands of fires are raging

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27 Aug 2019

‘It Eats Everything’ – The New Breed Of Wildfire That’s Impossible To Predict

Climate change and negligent forest management are causing higher-intensity, faster-moving fires that can generate enough energy to evolve

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22 Aug 2019

Increasing Wildfires Threaten To Turn Much Of Northern Hemisphere’s Forests From Vital Carbon Stores Into Climate Heaters

In 2014, we travelled to the northern boreal forests of Canada to set experimental fires

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