Could Online Casino Promotions Illustrate a Path for a Cleaner Environment?

There’s no denying that rampant pollution is an enormous and unfortunate part of modern life. Especially within urban environments. While it’s true most of this pollution comes from a few big companies, we also can’t overlook the smaller contributions made by individuals. Addressing this pollution tends to be managed by local governments, but the help offered by groups of environmentally conscious citizens can make an appreciable difference.

The only problem with this is that, on their own, people often don’t see a reason to participate. We get lost in the idea of not cleaning up after others, which can be fair, but not great for the planet. There are some more outlandish solutions, however, that could help boost engagement. Relating these solutions to the popular avenue of online casino bonuses, we want to explore hypothetical ways that pollution might be addressed.

What are Casino Bonuses?

The world of online casino bonus offers is vast and evolving constantly. At its base, these ideas include welcome systems like deposit matches and free spins, with more long-term offerings including seasonal promotions and special competitions. In the ecosystem of online casinos, these bonuses help keep players engaged, leading to the possibility of greater rewards. It’s this potential of greater rewards we want to focus on, to extend this idea out into the physical environment.

Creating Environmental Engagement

As much as it might hurt us to admit, apathy is a useful tool in helping us face the day. We have so much to do and worry about in our regular lives that we become adept at overlooking outside elements, sweeping them under mental rugs. This is the case for local garbage and pollution for most of us, and it’s where we could see bonus systems and promotions like those offered by online casinos as becoming a helping hand.

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People love to gamble, and we love to feel like we’re making a difference. Because of this, a fusion of these two elements could lead to better patterns of environmental participation. One such example of this could be a lottery system that is offered to people who clean up a certain amount of land. This would have to be carefully documented, of course, but it could serve as a way to get us started.

In the first few weeks of this, a type of welcome bonuses could be introduced where people taking part are offered discounts in local businesses, to demonstrate an appreciable benefit. This would open the door like welcome bonuses of casinos do, to ease people in. From this point, seasonal bonuses could take the form of more rotating discounts and free goods, as well as clothing or personal items as a way to demonstrate a person’s involvement level. Extending out to major gamification systems could also gel well with mobile devices, making getting started that much easier.

#Duolingo Overachiever Badge” (CC BY 2.0) by dullhunk

Of course, implementing these systems would involve a lot of paperwork, but ideas like this could be just what the environment needs. As online casinos have shown time and again, people love free stuff, and when you add the potential for big wins on top, they get even more excited. It might seem a silly solution, but as the growth of crowdsourcing has shown us, silly doesn’t mean it will fail. Even if just acting as a jumping-off point for something greater, something needs to be done, and we’d be willing to bet many would happy to try something new.

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