26 May 2020

The Geopolitics Of A Changing Arctic

The Arctic is experiencing drastic changes. Along with these changes are greater challenges to face.

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22 Apr 2020

Earth Day 50: An Earth Day Unlike Any Other

This year, Earth Day leads the call for greater action in tackling the climate crisis.

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22 Apr 2020

Reshaping Climate Action In A Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic teaches valuable lessons on how to better act on the climate crisis. 

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13 Apr 2020

How Coronavirus Puts Climate Activism In Quarantine

These days, all the focus is on the Coronavirus, which is justified. But in the

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19 Mar 2020

4 Facts Of Plastic Water Bottles And The Impact To Climate Change In 2020

The dangers of climate change are very real. They are already being felt in certain

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25 Feb 2020

Human Security: Climate Change And Human Rights

Write My Paper Hub provided this professional essay sample on human rights and climate change.

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08 Feb 2020

To Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Cities And Buildings We Need Systemic Efficiency

We cannot solve climate change without transforming our cities and buildings. This requires massive efforts

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06 Feb 2020

The World’s Top Cities Face Stiff Competition, Here’s Why

As concerns about geopolitics, demographics and climate change rise and technological advances redefine established city

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23 Jan 2020

These Are The 5 Major Risks That Will Impact 2020 On A Global Scale

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the latest edition of The Global Risks

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20 Jan 2020

How Volcanoes Influence Climate And How Their Emissions Compare To What We Produce

Everyone is going on about reducing our carbon footprint, zero emissions, planting sustainable crops for

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16 Jan 2020

Bushfires: Can Ecosystems Recover From Such Dramatic Losses Of Biodiversity?

The sheer scale and intensity of the Australian bushfire crisis have led to apocalyptic scenes

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14 Jan 2020

The Brazilian Amazon Was In Flames, And Now Australia. But What Do Their Governments Have To Do With It?

Australia is witnessing the worst forest fires of its modern history, provoked by months of

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09 Jan 2020

The Beginning And The End Of Wildfires

Wildfires, forest fires, bush fires, or grass fires —all of these simply refer to uncontrolled

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08 Jan 2020

Australian Bushfires: In Fact, There’s Plenty We Can Do To Make Future Fires Less Likely

One of the dominant ideas buzzing around the internet is that there’s little we can

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04 Jan 2020

Australia’s Bushfires Are A Wake-Up Call: We Must Build A More Humane Economy Before It’s Too Late

Economists used to admire scientists. Now they ignore them at our peril. Back in the

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03 Jan 2020

5 Lessons On How To Save Our Relationship With Nature In 2020

Our relationship with the natural world is broken. A million species are threatened with extinction.

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23 Dec 2019

The Paralyzing Link Between Climate Change And Land Use

A recently released International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report reveals that an estimate

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20 Dec 2019

The Madrid Climate Talks Failed Spectacularly. Here’s What Went Down

The United Nations’ COP25 climate talks concluded on Sunday morning in Madrid, almost 40 hours

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19 Dec 2019

The Squaring Truth About Circular Economies

The concept of a circular economy has been steadily gaining momentum as of recent years.

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16 Dec 2019

A Vision For A Sustainable Battery Value Chain In 2030

The development of the battery value chain is of great interest since it has significant

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11 Dec 2019

Climate Emergency: Dropping The Pretense

Extreme weather had displaced roughly 20 million people each year over the past decade. This

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09 Dec 2019

The Global Disparity in Carbon Footprints

Global carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) rose in 2o18, after four years of successive stability. This

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06 Dec 2019

How We Can Recycle More Buildings

More than 35 billion tonnes of non-metallic minerals are extracted from the Earth every year.

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29 Nov 2019

The Five Corrupt Pillars Of Climate Change Denial

The fossil fuel industry, political lobbyists, media moguls and individuals have spent the past 30

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14 Nov 2019

State Of The Earth 2019: Red Alert

The State of the Earth is not an annual message that we look forward to.

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14 Nov 2019

12 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Bushfire Risk To Older Homes

Seventy-five years of Australian research into how houses respond to bushfire has identified 21 main

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11 Nov 2019

Environmental Stress Is Already Causing Death – This Chaos Map Shows Where

Over 12 days at the start of October 2019 eight people were killed, more than

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05 Nov 2019

Climate Change, Pandemics, Biodiversity Loss: No Country Is Sufficiently Prepared

There’s little that the left and the right agree on these days. But surely one

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25 Oct 2019

As The Climate Changes, Architects And Engineers Need To Design Buildings Differently

In the past seven years, four major disasters have caused serious disruptions in the Northeast

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12 Oct 2019

Countries with the Biggest Decrease in Carbon Emissions

In the global effort to reduce our carbon emissions, which countries are on the lead?

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08 Oct 2019

The Biggest Threat To Our Oceans Is That We’ve Taken Them For Granted

‘Most of the people on the planet … think the ocean is a problem for

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07 Oct 2019

The Future Of Urban Consumption In A 1.5°C World

In order to maintain a climate-safe future,  the world needs to stay within the established

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01 Oct 2019

We Can’t Save The Planet Unless We Fix Our Destructive Throwaway Economy

Extending the lifetime of all washing machines, notebooks, vacuum cleaners and smartphones in the EU

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01 Oct 2019

Five Things Every Government Needs To Do Right Now To Tackle The Climate Emergency

If targets were enough to beat the climate crisis, we would have cause for celebration.

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29 Sep 2019

Not convinced on the need for urgent climate action? Here’s what happens to our planet between 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming

Many numbers are bandied around in climate emergency discussions. Of them, 1.5°C is perhaps the

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28 Sep 2019

UN Climate Action Summit Missed A Key Ingredient: Climate Action

A summer of civil unrest. A global climate strike bringing millions of people to the

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27 Sep 2019

Growing Pain: The Delusion Of Boundless Economic Growth

Gambling on a future of continued economic growth is a bad bet with long odds

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26 Sep 2019

8 Most Sustainable Countries Around The World

From plastic-filled oceans and climate change to poor healthcare systems and unequal pay, sustainability is

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25 Sep 2019

Climate Emergency: Why Global Mobilization Is So Important

This climate crisis is almost irreversible, and it is global. And global and irreversible should

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24 Sep 2019

How The Youth-Led Climate Strikes Became A Global Mass Movement

It began as a call to action from a group of youth activists scattered across

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20 Sep 2019

Combatting Climate Change Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Growth – But It Does Require Tough Choices

With the right combination of policies, we can increase living standards and mitigate global warming

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18 Sep 2019

Three Things Jokowi Could Do Better To Stop Forest Fires And Haze In Indonesia

Early in Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s first term, Indonesia experienced some of the worst

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17 Sep 2019

40 Years Ago, Scientists Predicted Climate Change. And Hey, They Were Right

Forty years ago, a group of climate scientists sat down at Woods Hole in Massachusetts

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16 Sep 2019

The Plastic Challenge: Are We Solving the Plastic Problem or Creating Demons for the Future?

When plastic became the “wonder” product for solving so many modern issues in the 1970s,

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10 Sep 2019

Designing For Future Ready Cities

Engineering has always been about building for what lies ahead, creating lasting legacies in the

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05 Sep 2019

Damage Estimates For Hurricanes Like Dorian Don’t Capture The Full Cost Of Climate Change-Fueled Disasters

Scientists say climate change is causing powerful hurricanes like Dorian to increasingly stall over coastal

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27 Aug 2019

‘It Eats Everything’ – The New Breed Of Wildfire That’s Impossible To Predict

Climate change and negligent forest management are causing higher-intensity, faster-moving fires that can generate enough energy to evolve

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25 Aug 2019

Amazon Fires Explained: What Are They, Why Are They So Damaging, And How Can We Stop Them?

Imagine a rainforest at dawn – the tall canopy laden with dripping ferns and orchids,

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24 Aug 2019

The World’s Forests Will Collapse If We Don’t Learn To Say ‘No’

An alarming study has shown that the world’s forests are not only disappearing rapidly but

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