High-Speed Internet Plans for Gamers

Internet is something that has penetrated into all walks of life. Whether it is related to entertainment or work, internet has a part to play in all these things. This is because the internet is a very flexible technology that is not only a super useful tool in itself but has also paved way for many new technologies and has opened doors to a modern digital world, almost acting like a catalyst.

If we observe our daily routine we will see how deeply rooted the internet is in our lives. Our day starts by checking our phone for new updates, a gadget which is powered by the internet, we go to work and most of our work is done over laptops or computer, another piece of technology that heavily depends on the internet. When we get to our homes we open up our favorite streaming app to watch a show or movie, something which also works over the internet. 

This is the daily routine of an average person and here we can clearly see that our day starts with the internet and ends with it as well, this cycle continues daily. This is the concept of the internet of things which states that the internet has transcended from being just a service and is now present in the physical form through tangible devices. These devices are the ones that we use daily.

Role of internet in Gaming

One other industry which has rapidly modernized with the inclusion of the internet is the gaming industry. Back in the day, games were installed using digital discs and were played relatively offline, while the multiplayer modes were played by different players using multiple controllers. However, as the internet started influencing all existing technologies it was obvious that gaming was going to be influenced by it as well.

So time passed by, and the internet penetrated the gaming industry with an online multiplayer system that allowed players to play together or compete with each other while being in different parts of the world. This technology was further improved to include voice communication support as well and now the online ecosystem is thriving in the gaming industry.

Games are downloaded online and most of the new games require an internet connection whether they are multiplayer or not. Plus, with battle royale games, there are options for hundreds of players to play together. Now proper tournaments are being arranged in online gaming and this has turned into a full-fledged industry called E-Sports. However, the kind of internet that is required for gaming is a bit different than a regular internet connection, we will explain that below.

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Internet Connection for Gaming

Online gaming is a very sophisticated thing as players are playing in real-time thus a connection interruption or delay of even seconds can disrupt the playing experience and turn the tide of the game. For that reason, it needs to have a high-speed connection with good bandwidth that can supply a user with the necessary amount of data in order to achieve a seamless gaming experience.

Many internet providers like Cox offer special gaming connections, their elite gaming connection allows users to play seamlessly with less lag. You can check out many of Cox’s internet options here. Although, the amount of data used for gaming is not much as it typically takes a few hundred MBs. But new games need to download new patches and updates to run the game smoothly and those patches can be hundreds of GBs in size that can quickly eat up your data.

Another thing is that the upload speed holds significant importance, especially in online gaming. Since the player’s actions are sent to the server which is then replicated in the game and the data that is sent from a user’s end depends on the upload speed. So while selecting an internet plan for gaming make sure that it has good upload speed. That’s because the upload speed is a factor that often gets ignored by service providers, and mostly the download speed is mentioned and advertised.

Similarly, customers also don’t pay heed to it as upload speed doesn’t necessarily matter in our day-to-day internet workings. Since upload speed is so important it is also recommended to go with fiber internet options as they provide symmetrical upload and download speed to users. Likewise, it is also recommended to avoid satellite internet connections for gaming as they have a huge latency period that can make a game unplayable.

Internet Plans for Gamers

Here we have compiled some high-speed internet plans from reputable providers that are guaranteed to make your online gaming experience remarkable.

Spectrum Internet Gig

Spectrum Internet Gig comes from the second biggest internet service provider in the country. It has speeds up to 1000Mbps for download and around 35Mbps for upload. This is ample for gaming and not only gaming but users can do many other tasks on this connection simultaneously like streaming and video conferencing without affecting the gaming performance. Plus it comes with a free internet modem and wifi router that makes it even more cost-effective. With unlimited data and no contracts makes Spectrum Internet Gig an optimal choice for gamers.

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Cox Gigablast

Cox’s highest speed tier the Gigablast package is a treat for gamers with 940Mbps and similar 35Mbps upload speed. Not only this but subscribing to Cox elite gamer connection reduces the lag by 20 percent. Cox is one of those providers that offer a special connection for gamers. This makes Cox internet stand out and becomes a recommended option to gamers. However, users might need to sign a contract of at least a year, and every month there is a limited data of 1.25TB, which shouldn’t worry any user as this is more than enough for gaming and other activities like streaming as well.

Verizon Fios Gigabit

This option takes gamers into an elite territory of fiber connection. The Verizon Fios Gigabit is the fastest option provided by the company that not only offers 940Mbps download speed but symmetrical upload speed because of fiber connection which means that lag and latency are going to be non-existent with this connection. Although, being the best choice out of all three the Verizon Fios lacks a bigger coverage area an advantage that is enjoyed by its cable competitors. However, if you have Verizon Fios in your area do subscribe to it, and get the Gigabit plan with unlimited data without any contracts for a completely different online gaming experience. 


The online gaming industry is expanding rapidly with each passing day. Similarly, games are becoming increasingly heavy on graphics and storage, which means that they not only require high-end machines to work but a good and stable internet connection as well. That is why we have created this list of some of the best high-speed internet plans that are perfect for gamers to supply them with the necessary speed and bandwidth without draining their bank account.

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