05 Sep 2018

Our Changing Views Of The City: A New Urban Celebration

The celebration of the city today is widespread. Globally, many cities have fulfilled Louis Wirth’s prophesy

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14 Dec 2016

How Cities Can Evolve Through Architecture

“What we’ve learned about modern cities in China was always from the West. But after

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08 Nov 2016

How To Fathom And Unravel The Deception Of Density

If we think carefully about the flaws in measuring how dense a place is, we

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14 Jul 2016

Edmonton : When Your City Being Destroyed Becomes A Privilege

Forget New York, let alone Tokyo: as reader Greg Whistance-Smith points out, the wildly popular

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03 Nov 2015

Why Big Cities Are Driving Us Mad

It is often said that we are living through another period of mass urbanisation –

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31 Aug 2015

How To Build In Neighbourhoods With Lean Methodology

In some ways, is a rejection of wonk — a way to show and not tell.

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26 Jun 2015

Cities’ Past, Its Undoing Or Its Foundation For The Future?

In the last 50 years, the preservationist movement has become powerful—maybe too powerful in a

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20 Mar 2015

From Brutalism To Borgen To Blogging: How The Language Of Cities Has Changed

Do you speak urbanism? The way we read and write in the language of cities

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07 Feb 2015

The “Sensing” City Is the Future of Urbanism

The Smart City isn’t enough. How might real-time data awaken the humanity in our buildings

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