Cities. Towns. Townships.


An enormous opportunity for economic, professional, and personal growth, the city and its organisational variants are melting pots of possibilities and catalysts for success.

There is no need to repeat other cliches, but suffice it to say, as we lift and amplify what is good and possible about cities, we also do so as well with its ills and dangers. It is up to both art and science dancing in tune while espousing a noble vision, service-oriented leadership, engaged citizenry, a can-do spirit, and a wise conviction to keep learning and trying. Add the right technologies and solutions to amplify what is good and mitigating risks, then the promise of the city can indeed be fulfilled.

Sometimes, one has to only start somewhere simple.


Citizens, Empowered.


The city is what it is, because the people are what they are.

Empowering your citizens to be an active part of leading and operating your city. An engaged citizen, in small ways and big ways, always leads to better cities. In fact, the city is simply the sum total of the energy and interactions of its citizen. Without people, there is simply no city.


Government, Streamlined.


While city living and management concerns are by its nature multi-faceted, technology is not just an enabler but a real cornerstone and driver that permeates across the whole spectrum.

Governments know these already, all too well. Governments know that a combination of culture, rule of law, politics, governance models, leadership, strategy, processes, technologies, communications, and people themselves are needed to administer a vast and complex organisation such as a city.

Some say, it can be the most difficult organisation to manage as it concentrates both the good and the bad of a nation into such density compared to running a country from afar with so many levels of bureaucracy underneath.

One cannot overemphasise or underappreciate the importance of the sum of the parts and how one uses technologies to streamline and economically catalyse good change and encourage good behaviour.


Services, Improved.


The reason for being of government is to serve, and not to be served. To govern is to be responsible and accountable for the welfare of your citizens and take care of them both when they are good and otherwise.

All governments, above and beyond politics, are concerned with strategic considerations as people, economy, assets, services, and commerce. These are the foundations of the city that transcends an election term or even a lifetime.

Services from city infrastructure service requests, emergency citizen request, and to basic government services like documentation scheduling and renewal requests are the interactions that bind and engage citizens and goverments.


Engagement, Inspired.


Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.

There is such great wisdom in the words, “… and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people …”

This is the on-going mission of Vertex: combining the best of cities, people, and technology to address the opportunity for synergy that it presents. It is a privileged to be inspired by what is possible when the worst of what we can become is unable to outdo the best of who we are.

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