The Biggest Bitcoin Prize Winnings

People have always been fascinated with the idea of gambling their debts away and making some easy money in the blink of an eye. With the revolution which took over the gambling industry, this is quite achievable in nowadays. Online gambling sites have largely replaced traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and other gambling establishments.

The onset of technological development brought about another phenomenon known as cryptocurrency. One of its major representatives is Bitcoin, a digital currency that offers high security and fast transactions. Due to these circumstances, it immediately found its way to the developing online gambling environment. Today, Bitcoin gambling has an impressive record of some of the greatest wins using this currency, as well as gambling in general.


Nakowa – September, 2013

The man solely identified as Nakowa in the online gambling community became famous due to his eccentric way of online gambling. The fact that he practiced this using Bitcoins only further increased people’s curiosity.

During a single weekend, Nakowa started off with a hard losing streak which reached 7,000 bitcoins for a single hand, but his luck swiftly turned. His wining had been the center of attention for a large segment of the online Bitcoin gambling community, along with others who were simply interested in the outcome. Ultimately, his greatest win was calculated to be 11,000 bitcoins, or $1.3 million at the time.


Anonymous – July, 2016

Last year, a single player at BetChain Casino got extremely lucky and managed to use this to their utmost advantage. Over the course of a good winning streak, this individual managed to hit two jackpots in succession. The first one amounted to 60 BTC, whereas the second reached 114 BTC. At an estimated value of $76,000 according to last year’s Bitcoin value, this player definitely managed to cash out a lot more than what they had to risk. Such situations started to spark people’s interests regarding the cryptocurrency and its infinite possibilities.

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Anonymous – February, 2017

An anonymous player on Bitcoin Video Casino, a reputable name in the industry, managed to clean out a large piece of their funds. This individual cashed out 259.74 bitcoins on a jackpot, which may not seem too much compared to the first winner listed here. However, Bitcoin’s volatility has seen its value reach a record high, which makes this a worthy victory.

More and more people every day are learning how to buy Bitcoin and what to do with them in the online investment and gambling market. The anonymous player hit the jackpot with a single 0.1 BTC bet on the most famous slot machine in Bitcoin Video Casino.


Anonymous – March, 2017

Shortly after the last memorable bitcoin win, another player scored big on a Bitcoin casino site through their slot games. The greatest thing about this win is the fact that using a betting amount of 0.16 BTC, this individual managed to win 160 bitcoins at an approximated value of $255,000.

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