Stuck In Traffic? Productive Things You Can Do While In Your Car

For most people, congested traffic is a daily scenario when going to classes or to work. This problem as it is will take elaborate planning and a lot of time to resolve. Your class, on the other hand, cannot wait for a long time and neither can you. So for now, let us accept our fate and come up with a list of productive things that will make getting stuck waiting in traffic less of a torture.


Most of the time, the reason why there is traffic is because it is rush hour. You yourself might have rushed preparing to go out that you missed eating a meal. The waiting time in traffic is just the perfect time to have a quick bite.

Prepare yourself

On the other extreme of the spectrum, you might instead have completely forgone preparing yourself and now you are a mess. Grab this opportunity to double-check your appearance and do quick grooming fixes while all the traffic in front of you refuses to budge.

Reevaluate plans

With all your plans laid down for the day, check if you forgot to place tasks or errands you have to perform. Make notes or use this time to send out emails or plans for the day.

Do stretches

Sitting for a long time can tire your muscles out. Take this time to do some minor stretches to bounce them back into shape.

Go online

Depending on what you will do, going online during traffic can be productive. If you are not the one driving, this may be a good time to respond to your e-mail and read up on news.

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Being stuck in traffic isn’t the most exciting way to start or end your day. However, it is something you have to deal with, a lot. Knowing this, it is better to dedicate your time on doing things that will make the day smoother instead of just allowing yourself to get frustrated in the situation you’re in.

Like with a lot of other things, it’s a matter of perspective.


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