Top Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Plugs Car Breathalyzers To Reduce DUI Trend

All motorists want to feel safer when driving on the roads. This is no exception in Denver either. This is always a top priority and while summer is right at our doors, the roads are filled with more cars with people having holiday all across the land. Summer can also mean more outings and celebrations which in turn leads to more alcohol consumption.

Yet despite reluctance from some people to avoid alcohol and driving, companies want to do their best to help this situation and design and create Breathalyzers that measure a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). A person’s breath alcohol content is directly correlated to their BAC, so it’s recommended to have your own personal Breathalyzer whilst driving in Denver to use before you get behind the wheel after drinking. You should be aware that your BAC is highest after about an hour after a drink.

Here are some info about Breathalyzers and how they relate to law enforcement in Denver.

The tester catches a deep lung air sample as well as monitors pressure

The best alcohol testers detect both the duration and force of an exhalation. If you have medical issues, inform the arresting officer before taking a test. If arrested in Colorado, a breath test will be done at the nearest police station. The arresting officer will observe the suspect for 20 minutes to make sure that they don’t perform any other bodily function that could result in stomach contents entering the mouth. This can result in a severely inaccurate test result.

Can you refuse to take the test in Colorado?

If arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), you can have three choices. You can either do a breath test, blood test or refuse. Refusing does come with its own consequences, like an immediately suspended driving license. So, unless you want that, your choices are really only two. 

How accurate are the results?

When purchasing a personal Breathalyzer, choose one with a mouthpiece to capture the breath. Ones that do not have this feature means that other air samples are mixed in with the breath sample. This distorts the test results and you want accurate results before you get behind the wheel. Distorted test results can either show you are below or above the legal limit. In almost all states, it’s illegal for a driver to have a BAC above 0.08%. Accuracy is very important because in Colorado, a DUI arrest can be considered a misdemeanor. Your best-case scenario, if arrested for DUI is to contact a top Denver criminal defense attorney who is experienced in these types of cases and can challenge a DUI arrest. Keep in mind that getting a truly accurate result is not that easy and even the best Breathalyzer can be prone to human error when being administered, which is why you need a lawyer to defend you if you know you’re innocent but don’t know how to prove it.

Good or above average sensory

All Breathalyzers use a special, high-end semiconductor sensor technology to know your BAC. The tester should have a sensor accuracy of at least +/- 0.01% at the point it is regulated in a controlled environment. Breathalyzers that use semiconductor sensors are used mostly on a personal level and with low-volume professional testing, such as in some schools, and have shown to perform well when determining the presence of alcohol.    

Despite decades of campaigns and warnings about driving and drinking, there are always people still out there who refuse to act in a responsible way on the road, and drive drunk putting their lives and the lives of others at danger be it in Denver or any other place. Don’t become one of those people and purchase your own Breathalyzer and measure your alcohol level before the police do it for you and before you injure yourself or others.

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