Top 7 Qualities Of Resilient Citizens

Resilience is “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress,” according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

According to APA, resilience isn’t something inherent to a person. Instead, it is something that can be learned and developed.

What are the traits that a resilient person has? Let’s have a rundown.

1. They are in control without being controlling

Resilient people have an understanding that not everything will be within their control. They focus on their own spheres — how they can refine and improve themselves so that they are prepared for whatever life throws at them.

They are not thrown off when life goes out of their favour, they gracefully face each situation.

2. They do not let negativity in their minds

Resilient people are receptive to constructive criticism, seeing at as opportunities to improve.

Even when the criticism is intended to hurt them, they go beyond it, dig deeper and discover the verities that can be found in what others are saying.

3. They are in tune with their emotions

Resilient people are in harmony with what they are feeling. They acknowledge it and manage them accordingly.

In times of anger, they recognize the fleeting nature of the emotion. With this, they are less susceptible to lashing out. This allows them to make better judgment.

4. They have a support system to back them up

Resilient people are strong, but not always. They recognize that in times of vulnerability, a support system to back them up is important.

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Therefore, resilient people have strong social connections. This is not only because this is where they gain support.

Social connections also serve as a platform for them to learn more, to grow more, and to find solutions in their troubles.

5. They refuse to be victims

In times of crisis, they refuse to consider themselves as victims. Instead, resilient people know that they are survivors. They are well aware that they can do something to help resolve a problem.

In relationships, they know how to set boundaries, not allowing others to take much of their energy, hurt them, or negatively impact them in any sort of way.

6. They are efficient in solving problems

They are not just survivors — resilient people are problem solvers.

Backed with their emotional control and openness, resilient people are able to remain calm in times of crisis. This makes them less likely to have a tunnel vision, only seeing the danger ahead.

With this, they can approach a problem with calm rationality and wisdom.

7. They know when to ask for help

Resilient people know their capabilities. When things go out of hand, they know how to seek help. They refuse to let their pride be hindrance in solving their problems or attaining growth.

Now that you know the traits of resilient people, you might want to build up your resilience as well. APA has a guide which could help you to do this.

With the world today facing numerous threats, whether man-made or natural calamities, it helps to be prepared and develop a proper mindset in dealing with these events.

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