HR Tech Solutions For Forward-Thinking, Tech-Savvy Businesses

While HR is inherently all about people, its relationship with technology has never mattered more. In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine one without the other. Forward-thinking businesses are leveraging the immense potential of HR technology throughout all aspects of the hire-to-retire process, giving them a major edge over the competition.

So, in order to stay competitive, it only makes sense that your HR department makes use of these technologies. But with the wide range of solutions available to businesses today, it can prove challenging to determine where to invest your money. To help you zero in on the ideal solutions for your business, we’ve compiled the best options on the market.


When it comes to hiring new employees, finding the best-suited candidates for the job is imperative to the success of the organization. Solutions such as Honeypot aim to make the process easier by giving companies in the tech industry access to top talent in short time periods, with the service claiming that 80% of companies hire within four weeks.

TriNet Expense Management

Having a platform on which you can track daily expenses is a great way to determine where your business can make optimizations and save money. In the past, this proved challenging due to the large amount of work required to compile and analyze the necessary data.

TriNet’s expense management software makes this easy by automatically importing your expenses from credit card, bank account or CSV formats. And, with their mobile app, you can approve and reimburse employees on the go, while also being able to see your expenses and capture receipts.

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Talent Guard

TalentGuard aims to help businesses develop a more skilled and competent workforce by offering personalized training programs based on employee’s individual learning styles. Their software maps career path scenarios and evaluates employees’ skills to determine the most suitable learning plan, making the training process significantly more efficient.


The value of data has grown significantly in the HR department, as businesses have realized the importance of knowing what drives and engages their employees. Peakon works to improve employee productivity and retention by gathering feedback from employees and using the data to provide valuable insights.

Their descriptive insights feature explains the health of your organization and points out priorities to help you determine where to make improvements. There’s also the prescriptive insights feature, which provides predictions that help businesses avoid outcomes such as employee turnover.


Paycor is defined as a unified human capital solution with recruitment, payroll and human resources management features. It also offers a timekeeping feature that helps managers accurately track billable hours. Additionally, Paycor includes tax preparation and compliance management functionalities.

This helps businesses keep up with changes in regulations and stay on the ball when it comes to ACA compliance. Finally, the software offers predictive analytics tools that help you gain valuable insights into how you can improve your HR operations.

Take a moment to find the solutions that are best suited for the current size and needs of your business. Investing in HR tech is a must for businesses that want to make the most of their workforce.

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