Making Your Company Stand Out At Conferences: A Guide

Taking your company to a conference is one of your greatest opportunities to attract attention to your brand. It’s how you’ll be able to show off all the best sides of your business, chat with industry stakeholders, and make a splash at a day-long or weekend-long event.

As such, ensuring you’re hitting all the high notes across the course of the conference is crucial, and preparing for this moment can help you drum up more sales and expand your business in the long term. Read on to discover how to stand out at your next conference.

Your Staff

Whenever you go to conference with your company, you’ll be making the trip with a select handful of your staff members. Ultimately, you’re looking for those who will be most magnetic when they’re working at the conference. Get your salespeople and your workers with the most charisma and energy to come along and talk to conference attendees at your stall. This is a chance for them to flex their social muscles and excite passers-by with your business’ products and services. Make sure, too, that you prepare these staff members with some training before you head to the conference.

Signage and Stall

Next, you should make sure you have the stall materials, ensuring your business will be looking presentable and professional when it’s set up. This means getting some high-quality ada signs printed and finding a colorful and classy frontage for your stall. Before you depart for the conference, read through the documentation that’s been sent by the organizers to get a good idea of the space you’ll be occupying and the room where you’ll put up signage and other marketing materials.

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Products to Share

Whatever your company, you should always consider what you will be sharing and showing off at your stall. Will you be able to give free samples of your products? Will you instead give visitors a run-through of your digital services or a trial on your digital equipment? Whatever you can do to make your stall more interactive and engaging, you should consider working on before you go to the conference. Even branded pens and stress balls which you can give out to conference attendees, will help expose your brand to more people.

Speech or Keynote

Most conferences give you the opportunity to give a talk or a keynote to the attendees. That means you’re able to share your industry wisdom to a crowd, while at the same time giving them more of an incentive to hunt down your stall and chat to your staff later in the conference. Make sure you have a speech well-prepared and a good speaking slot so that you’re able to woo your audience with your words. Get a member of staff to record your keynote, too, so that you can use it for marketing purposes in the future.

These four tips will enable you to make the most out of the conferences you attend in the future, using them to boost your brand’s appeal and to sell more products and services.

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