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Access to the Internet is subject to restrictions in many countries. For such cases, there is a list of safe and fast VPN services like NordVPN that can be trusted. Online privacy is an inalienable right, and everyone should be able to obtain it.

Proxy server in the browser is used without special software. It is enough to specify the address and port in the settings and check the proxy for online validity. You can also use tools to determine what is your public IP. Proxy services from the selected list will provide you with a premium level of service, and guarantee privacy, security and anonymity without hidden fees.

There are the best proxy servers in the rating, and every user can make own choice.

01. Fineproxy

Proxy servers from Fineproxy can be safely put at the top of the rating for many reasons. The users are offered proxies of more than 30 countries, proxies for social networks and torrents, proxies for legal entities, anonymous and individual proxies. A wide selection of suppliers, adequate technical support and consistent quality are aimed to solve problems of any complexity.

Fineproxy company offers services on a paid basis along with a lot of free IP-addresses. Prepayment is not required. The user can evaluate the capabilities of the selected package for free in test mode.

Fineproxy is a service where you can buy anonymous proxies to access different sites (VK, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Also, these proxies can be used for Telegram, in torrent and other similar programs. There are no restrictions in terms of operating system support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, work with both mobile and stationary devices. There is support for such protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4 and Socks5. There are proxies in such countries and regions as Russia, Ukraine, USA, Europe, England, Germany, China. Moreover, you can buy a package with mixed proxies from different countries.

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Proxies from Fineproxy are more focused on “personal” use (without parsing). It is possible to purchase from 1 to 100,000 proxies (depending on the region). A wide range of options greatly facilitates the selection of the best option.

02. is a proxy service with over 39 million IP addresses from 200 countries and 23,000 cities. The main product is resident proxies, which are 100% composed of real home IP-addresses (Wi-Fi), including mobile proxies connected to 3G and 4G networks. This means that here is ensured complete anonymity and the inability of sites to receive real information. is an ever-growing proxy network that allows you to use any number of IPs, anytime and anywhere. There are all types of IP addresses – individual, static and mobile. One interface is adjusted for all types of IP: Residential Networks, Data Centers and Mobile Luminati proxy network access from one account. The users have the opportunity to test the features of the service for free for a week.

03. Proxyseller

It sells IPv4 and IPv6 servers, providing support for HTTP (s) and SOCKS5 protocols. Channel bandwidth is up to 100 Mbps. There are no restrictions on the volume of traffic. Proxy Seller provides renting access to servers with a minimum charging period of 1 week. Connection of IPv6 addresses on the client software is carried out according to the same rules as for IPv4, where each IPv6 address corresponds to one basic IPv4 plus a unique port number.

In Proxy Seller, you can buy personal IPv4 and IPv6 proxies of any country and for any needs. The service has many interesting technical and functional solutions, with the help of which it is convenient to use proxies.

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The number of subnets depends on the geographical location of the servers (from 3 in the Netherlands and up to 150 in Russia). With a batch purchase of a proxy is ensured equivalent distribution of addresses on subnets.

04. NewIPNow

This datacenter is aimed to provide high anonymity all-purpose private proxies, but with some limitations. On the official website is information that free proxies may be incompatible with certain websites. NewIPNow service shows truthful and accurate information about the approximate connection speed for each of its servers that you can connect to. The users will have a choice of about ten servers, but most of them are located in the United States. However, users can still count on a new IP address for each Internet session. There is no access to single proxy IPs, and the lowest package is of 5 proxies.

NewIPNow services can be used on the site or through the extension for Firefox. There are available paid options that promise one hundred percent compatibility. In case of any problems there is 24/7 technical support service.

Trustable proxy server is a way to ensure complete security of personal information and get a high speed connection.

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