How To Deal With The Opioid Crisis During COVID-19?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has momentarily shifted our attention from a more persistent threat in OUD or Opioid-Use Disorder, the condition still warrants our continued attention, courtesy of the increased number of deaths related to a drug overdose.

Based on 2018 data, opioid addiction claims more than 128 lives daily and that too only on the United States of America. Besides that, the ongoing opioid crisis has been continually taking the unscrupulous usage of prescription drugs like pain relievers in to account. Furthermore, addicts have also resorted to using synthetic opioids like Fentanyl which is further worsening this global crisis.

How Covid-19 Gradually Upended OUD Treatments?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the global healthcare sector. A majority of medical resources were assigned to deal with this catastrophic pandemic but in due course, the Opioid Crisis was neglected.

With COVID-19 advocating the stay-indoor norms, a majority of individuals started encountering OUD treatment barriers. Besides that, social distancing and isolation also led towards newer diagnoses, pertaining to behavioral issues. With the likes of anxiety and depression being common occurrences, the condition started worsening for certain opioid addicts.

Not just that, even the supply chain was disrupted as clinicians started using certain forms of opioids to sedate ailing patients.

Handling Opioid Crisis: Solutions

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay and providers need to prepare for newer ways to combat the lingering opioid crisis. The first approach should look to promote treatment efforts by telehealth initiatives. Besides that, resource allocation is necessary to manage the potential OUD cases and even the more critical instances where patients require immediate attention.

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Amid the pandemic, it is necessary to curate the supply chain to address opioid shortages while accounting for the COVID-19 supplies. The efficient and strategic monitoring of drug diversion seems like another plausible solution, going into the future. Last but not least, providers must also concentrate on establishing community organizations across digital platforms, to make support resources and treatment options accessible.

Best Way to Approach the Opioid Crisis

Each one of the mentioned solutions is accessible at the ANR Clinic Opioid Treatment Center. Apart from that, experts at other recognizable clinics believe that OUD is treatable and reversible upon using intuitive technologies like the Accelerated Neuro-Regulatory standards. Unlike administering medicines and other conventional procedures to handle opioid dependency, intuitive professionals make way for more effective, safer, and humane treatment options with the focus relying on identifying the roots and getting rid of them.

The new age treatment centers aim at offering continued services even during the COVID-19 pandemic by using non-invasive detoxification and CBT. Most importantly, certain experts also provide continued support over the phone and video calls. Besides that, for someone looking to enroll physically, there are class-leading rehabilitation facilities to choose from.

Opioid Crisis and the Global Pandemic?

Till now, 2020 hasn’t been kind to the global populace. Despite COVID-19 wreaking havoc in almost 200 countries, there isn’t any respite from the growing criticalities associated with the opioid crisis. Moreover, the existing pandemic has crippled several effective treatment options related to OUD with only credible treatment centers envisioning newer solutions to make life easier for the patients.

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