5 Benefits Of Working For A Ride Share Program

You’re probably aware of the way that ride share programs like Lyft and Uber have exploded in popularity in recent years. These two services are now available in most major US cities. The drivers have plenty of business since there are seemingly always people wanting rides.

This seems to be one of those services that will survive the pandemic nicely, even while other niches struggle and small businesses close. Let’s go over some compelling reasons you might want to look into this profession if you’re short on work.

Ride Share Programs Cover Your Car Insurance

Many states require you to have different car insurance amounts. Most states don’t require you to have collision, but you at least have to have a certain amount of liability coverage.

Uber covers you with a $1 million policy if you are carrying a rider in your vehicle or are on your way to pick one up. Lyft covers you in a similar fashion. This protects you if:

  • You hit another vehicle
  • Another vehicle hits you
  • You collide with an inanimate object

Your driving record may be spotless, but accidents still happen, sometimes through no fault of your own. It’s nice to know that these ride share programs have your back while you’re engaged in the vital work of picking up and transporting riders.

They’re Almost Always Hiring

Another reason to look into working for Lyft or Uber is that they’re almost always looking for new employees, or independent contractors, as they like to consider their drivers. You can apply for a job there today, and, assuming you meet a few basic requirements, you can be out there on the road and driving for them almost immediately.

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Some of the requirements you must meet are:

  • You have to own a newer vehicle in good working condition
  • You can’t have a violent felony on your record
  • You have to have a valid driver’s license

You can check out Uber and Lyft’s websites if you want further details, but most people meet the requirements and can launch themselves on this new career trajectory quickly and easily.

You Can Set Your Own Hours

One of the other pleasant things about this sort of work is that you can create your own hours. There are few limits to when and how long you can work for Uber or Lyft.

You might be a night owl, or perhaps you like working double shifts before taking a couple of days off at a time. Whatever your pleasure is, these ride shares can probably accommodate you.

If you’re badly in need of money right now, then you can work for them a lot, or if you only want a little bit of extra money, you might only dabble, working a couple of days or nights each week.

You Can Do This as a Side Hustle

Another big plus with working for a ride share is that you can pursue it as your sole income means, or you can do it on the side in addition to another job. In this uncertain economy, that’s something that appeals to a lot of individuals.

Maybe you work a full forty-hour workweek at another job, and you want to pick up one or two ride share shifts on the weekends. This is a way you can make a little extra money to cover some crucial bills like groceries, or something more frivolous.

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They Offer Excellent Benefits

If you work enough hours for them each week, then many would-be drivers love the fact that Lyft and Uber offer competitive healthcare options. You can get vision, medical, and dental.

In the privatized medicine age, this is extremely valuable. If you have another job and you’re driving as well, then maybe that other job doesn’t offer healthcare options, of what they do offer isn’t very good.

If you’re young and healthy, then you might not be too worried about healthcare. It’s true that you might go through life for many years, not needing very much medical attention.

The reality is, though, that you can injure yourself or get sick very abruptly. Where you didn’t need healthcare before, you need it now, and you’ll be glad that you have coverage in place.

The more you look at the various reasons to work for one of these ride share programs, the more sense it might make for you. Take some time to look at either Lyft or Uber to see which one appeals more.

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