Simple Ways To Clean Your Carpet

There are many ways that a carpet can become dirty, whether it be spilt food or drink, our pets, or mud. Carpets can cost a lot of money, with the average cost of an entire house being carpeted being well into the thousands. Thankfully, however, your carpets are not ruined, and you can clean them and remove the dirt before they stain, providing that you act quickly. This page will offer you a few simple ways that you can clean your carpet easily, simply, and quickly. If you do not act quickly, you give time for the proteins in the dirt to embed themselves deep in the carpet’s fibres, and thus, a stain will occur.

Stained carpets are sometimes unsalvageable, and this is why it is so important to act fast. Here are some simple ways that you can clean your carpet.

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is the most well-known method of cleaning your carpet. It works by pushing pressurized steam through a nozzle and breaking down the proteins of the dirt stuck to your carpet. Steam cleaners are very effective but can be very expensive. A steam cleaner does not require a vacuum cleaner to be used afterwards, as the hot moisture dries very quickly, thereby eliminating the stain. Steam cleaners should be used only by adults and not children, owing to the heat of the steam. A steam burn can be very painful and can require a trip to the emergency room depending on its severity. Steam cleaners can be used on virtually any stain and as a result of this are multi-purposed and very effective. You can even use them on bed sheets, sofas, and curtains. Steam cleaners are a great addition to your household and a very simple way to clean your carpet.

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High-Intensity Vacuums

High-intensity vacuums (carpet cleaning machines) are a great, albeit pricey, way to clean your carpet. They require no steam and are just a very powerful vacuum cleaner. They are portable cleaners and can be used to clean stubborn dirt and stains. They work by sucking the dirt up and completely lifting it from the carpet. These vacuums are very effective measures against a stained carpet and should be something you always have in your closet to use against tough stains. They can even be used for ordinary vacuuming. These vacuum cleaners should only be used on carpets and rugs.

Baking Soda

A very traditional method of cleaning the carpet, and one most of us will be familiar with from our mothers, is baking soda. Apply some baking soda to the stain, dampen a dishcloth, and scrub into a foam. When the foam appears and the baking soda thickens, the job’s nearly done. Keep dampening the cloth and rubbing at the spot until the baking soda fades and there is no mark of baking soda or dirt left on the spot. This is very effective with small stains, but for larger ones, you may have to break out the big guns.

Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Water

Vinegar, when combined with baking soda, reacts and froths up to create a huge, bubbling, heap of foam. Vinegar and baking soda are to be applied in the same way that the baking soda was in the previous method and to be cleaned the same way. You should only use distilled white vinegar, as any other kinds of vinegar may stain your carpet even more so, as vinegar is hard to remove. When you act very quickly with this method, you can be certain no stain is unbeatable. Try it out.

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Yes, you read it right, snow. In the winter months if you find your rug soiled with dirt, take it outside and cover it in snow. Snow is a great cleaner and natures most effective. The dirt will react with the ammonia in the snow and begin to solidify. Leave it covered in snow for a period of up to half an hour, then beat it and turn it over. After turning it over, beat it again, repeat, then lift it up and hang it to dry. The stain should if left long enough, be completely removed. This works best on wool rugs.


Bleach is one of the heavies that needn’t come out unless your carpet stain is seriously tough. It is best used on lighter carpets. Create a mixture of fifty per cent bleach and fifty percent water in a spray bottle, then spray it directly to the spot and rub fiercely with a cloth until the stain disappears.

Now you know several ways to clean your carpet. Cleaning your carpet means acting fast, lest the dirt becomes a stain. Hopefully, you should never have problems cleaning your carpet ever again!

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