Expert Tips For Planning A Digital Marketing Strategy

The Internet has become the cornerstone of society and the world. With each passing year, more and more technological developments are made that make it even more useful. Any business should be looking to take advantage of the internet and capitalize on the amount of marketing that you can do. How do you market best on the Internet, though?

There are many different strategies that you can employ to take full advantage. However, you have to be careful. Spending too much money or advertising in the wrong areas can result in a huge loss of money and even potentially losing your business. Here are some expert tips for planning a digital marketing strategy.

Determine Your Platform

While we refer to advertising as digital marketing, it is a very broad term. You simply do not have enough resources to advertise on every facet of the internet. Therefore, you have to make choices about which platforms you want to spend your money on and target. A great example of this would be looking at advertising via SMS or email. Back in the day, the answer to this would always be email, but now times have changed.

With so many people owning phones, you have to consider the benefits of each one strongly. When comparing the two together, email runs into a problem of these advertisements getting thrown right into a junk folder and never being seen by the intended person. As a result, all of your money is thrown away. On the other hand, SMS goes straight to a person’s inbox where it will be read. Until SMS has a spam filter, every text will be getting to their phone, and the person will be reading it out of curiosity.

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Not only that, but with SMS, you will have a much higher response rate and a much faster response time as well. Studies have shown that only 6% of people respond to email marketing, while 45% respond to SMS marketing. The numbers get even better for SMS as the standard response time is 90 seconds instead of 90 minutes from email. This shows the extreme importance of picking the correct platform as one will have a great payoff, whereas one will just steal your money. Always determine the platform you are going to market on and how you are going to do so.

Have a Target Audience

The next step for planning a digital marketing strategy is to examine what audience your service is trying to target and then create a marketing program for them. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience, you would want to include things relevant to their ages and pick an area that would appeal to them for advertising. This relates back to platform marketing as well, as you want to pick a platform that is going to be viewed by your intended audience.

If you do not pick a target audience, you will find a low response rate across the board from everyone, and once again you will end up losing money that could have been spent in other areas. Always ensure that you have a target audience planned for your marketing strategies.

Be Creative

Finally, it is important to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get creative with how you advertise and market. It is safe to assume that you are not the only company involved in the business that you are doing. Therefore you have to do something that is different from the rest. Adding color into your website or incorporating jokes and skits into your marketing is a great way to stand up from the rest of the crowd.

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This is a situation where you will spend more money on your campaigns, but the risk is well worth the potential reward. People tend to remember bold and out of the box marketing campaigns, and that will end up translating to sales and profits over the course of several years. Always ensure that you are being creative when marketing and stick with a campaign that will stand out and be remembered.

By following these tips, you are set to create a splash when it comes to your digital marketing strategies. Never be afraid to take risks, but ensure that they are calculated and that there is a high potential for a reward as well. Stand out from the crowd and expand out to reach your audience in the best way possible. Finally, remember to be patient, it can sometimes take months or even years to show your marketing profits. How do you plan on digitally marketing your product or service to the world?

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