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8 Expert Tips for Buying Good Cigars Online

Cigars are a type of smoking tobacco long synonymous with the coolest and most charismatic of our society. Buying good quality cigars is essential for any aspiring cigar aficionado – and this article will hope to tell you a few ways that you can buy the best every single time. There’s nothing quite as soul defeating as arriving at the men’s club with poor-quality cigars and being laughed out of the door. Now, with the help of this page, you will draw envious glares when friends catch a whiff of your premium cigars.

Here are eight expert tips for buying good cigars online.

1. Refine Your Tastes

When you are an aspiring cigar aficionado – you will need to find your taste (then refine it). There are possible millions of different types of cigar on the market, each with their own distinct flavour and taste. Cigars are not smoked simply for their renegade bad boy aesthetic, but also for their taste and flavour. When delving into the realm of premium cigars, there will be many that you admire and enjoy – but you must drill it down to the one that you cannot smoke without. Find your personal flavour.

2. Search for Deals

When you have decided upon a flavour (or brand) then it’s time to start searching for the best deals that you can. Cigars can be very expensive, and ultimately, this is what stands between many people and smoking them on a regular basis. It just so happens that the renegade bad boys of our society also happen to be multi-millionaire actors and musicians – they can, because of this, smoke as many cigars as they want with no detriment to their bank accounts. When looking for cigars online, it is critical to the health of your savings that you find the best deals you can.

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3. Join a Forum

Following on from the last point – one such way that you can find the best deals for cigars is by joining a forum. There are many online forums and chat rooms dedicated to the subject of cigars – with many offering great tips and bargains for purchasing and buying them. Joining a forum can be a fantastic way for you to find great deals on high-quality cigars and order them to your home without ever having to leave.

4. Online Retailers

While it may seem painfully obvious, this is a point that still needs to be mentioned; online retailers. Online retailers can be a great way for you to get started in buying and collecting cigars. They may not always offer the best deals, but they are a reliable and consistent way of getting your favourite brands. The cigar specialists from explain that online tobacconists should make their customer the number one priority – if, which they do, means you will be in receipt of deals, bargains, and fantastic offers that you could not find elsewhere. Research and find an online retailer carefully.

5. Mail Clubs

Mail sign-up clubs are another awesome way for you to get great deals on high-quality cigars. Many cigar aficionado publications and magazines have mail clubs that when you sign up for them keep you up to date with the best deals available and invite you to purchase great cigars for a low price. A mail club is a great way to get started as a cigar aficionado. You can find these clubs all over the internet with a little bit of research. These clubs, however, do not give you access to your favourite blend, but rather, random ones.

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6. Social Media

Social media is a great place to browse for the best deals on high-quality cigars. Much like online forums, cliques of cigar aficionados group together on social media and have their own private pages where, if you can gain entry, you can get awesome deals on the best cigars – as well as find out which and who makes the best cigars.

7. Import

Importing foreign cigars is another great way to get high-quality cigars; if you can gather together a good enough order, the suppliers may send them directly to you – which is a great way to get high-quality cigars. There are some limitations on international cigar exports from a few nations.

8. Travel

The only other way, outside of the methods previously mentioned, does not include the internet, and rather, requires travel. Travelling through South America is a fantastic way to pick up the best cigars you can – visit Cuba, a Caribbean island nation known all around the world for its high-quality cigars.

Now, thanks to this page, you will be smoking only bona fide premium cigars. Smoke moderately, however, as large quantities of any form of tobacco can be a detriment to your health. Smoke safely, smoke happily, smoke cleanly.


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