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What You Should Know About The Different Types Of Golf Clubs

Golf is one of the most respected professional games worldwide and helps one relax their mind while interacting with playmates. If you are a beginner to this game, it’s essential to understand that it uses more than one golf club. Golf clubs are the clubs or sticks used to hit the ball and comprise grip – where to hold, the shaft and the club – used to hit the ball. There are five standard clubs used to play golf. In this article, we’ll look deeply at these clubs, including the woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Here is the detailed list.

01. The Woods

The woods clubs consist of the fairway wood and the drivers. The name wood came from the materials used to make them even though they are no longer part of things manufactured using wood. These clubs have the most extensive golf heads and mostly hollow with rounded lines, and come with the most extended shaft ending with a reinforced grip. The woods are used to hit the most extended golf shots and can get struck very fast to create a huge impact. If new to this game, you will find this to be the longest golf club you’ll have, and it’s best when you want to move the ball near the target hole.

02. The Irons

The irons are also part of the golf clubs and come numbered from 3-irons to 9-irons or pitching. The clubs have smaller heads than the woods and are very thin, making them nicknamed the blades. According to this iron review from, most of these irons are solid, with only a few coming as hollow. They have loft faces with grooves, which help gripping the golf ball to spin to its target. When are they used? Irons are for driving shots from the fairway and, at times, drive tee shots on short targets. When the number goes up, its loft increases, and the shaft decreases. The lowest number has a smaller loft than number 9, which has a larger shaft.

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03. The Hybrids

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Hybrids are the modern golf clubs that got invented for a reason. They came into effect in the 21st century with some existing from years back but in different versions. What are they used for? Like their name hybrid, they incorporate features of the wood clubs and the iron clubs and are used as rescue or utility clubs. They have numbers from 2-upwards, and the number corresponds to the iron clubs they replace. One benefit to these clubs is that you don’t need to have the iron or the woods club when playing, but sometimes it’s necessary. Most golfers find it simpler to hit the hybrid clubs than irons, and if they use the hybrids entirely, there is a possibility of replacing iron two to iron five clubs. If new to the game, it’s essential trying them concurrently with irons and see what fits you better.

04. The Wedges

The wedges come in different categories, including the gap wedge, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. Apart from being in their category, wedges can fit in the irons category since they match club heads. The difference is that they are more angled to accommodate more loft. When put in the loft category, wedges are the highest-loft clubs. What are wedges used for? Wedges are to drive short shots in the greens and pitches. They are also used to play in chips and sand bankers to serve the same purpose. They are the best clubs to use after hitting your ball hard using irons or hybrids.

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05. Putter

Just like their putter name, these clubs are for pushing the ball into the hole. Also known as finishers, they are the last clubs to use in finalizing your target. Putters can be classified as customized clubs since they come in different sizes and shapes to fit every individual’s needs. There is no right putter for everyone. You only need to choose yours according to your needs. What may work for you might fail for another and vice versa. The putters come with three different club heads and shafts. You can get the traditional blade, a mallet club, or a heel-toe club head for the club heads, while for the shafts, you can have the standard-length putters, Belly, and the long putters. The standard ones are the most commonly used in professional golfing. Putters are easy to start, and they ensure the ball rolls smoothly to the hole as you wind up the game.

It’s essential to choose the best club according to their uses. You can’t use a putter instead of an iron or wedge and vice versa. If not conversant with the clubs, it’s better to consult a golf expert or mark them as you train, and you will be sure of putting them to their intended use. We hope this informative article has given you some limelight on the clubs and how you will use them.

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