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3 Unique Ways You Can Show Your Business Cares About The Environment

Doing our bit for the planet is important; we all know on a domestic, personal level. Yet what about when it comes to your business? If it’s not something you have thought much about, the fact that at least a third of consumers would rather buy from a company that has ‘green credentials’ and can show that it cares about the environment – and this number is growing – should resonate with you and become a serious consideration for your business. Here are some unique ways you can show your business cares about the environment to attract more customers while also doing something positive for the planet. 


When it comes to sustainability, recycling is a vital component, and it is likely that, no matter what sector your business is in, there will be at least some materials that it can recycle more than it is doing now. From paper and cardboard to glass and fabrics and plenty of electronics, there is an almost endless list of recyclable materials. This is the first step; ensure your business recycles as much as possible. 

The next step is to let people know that recycling is paramount in your business; this will show that you care about the environment and encourage people to buy from you. You can include the fact on your website, your logo, and your company brand, and you can ensure that you use as many recycled materials as possible within your business. 

Use Sustainable Suppliers 

You can do as much as possible for your customers to care for the environment, but if the suppliers you are using are not doing the same, your efforts will fall down. This is why it’s vital to find suppliers who are as passionate about environmental improvement as you are – and as your customers are. If you can’t do this, your own ideas about helping the environment will appear much less genuine than you would want them to. 

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To do this, you will need to spend some time researching each supplier, eventually choosing a company that offers the best in terms of environmental assistance and being something that your business can use. This combination might be hard to find but taking the time and making an effort in the early stages will prove to be worth it in the end. 

Be A Voice for Change 

Being more environmentally aware in your business is something to be proud of, with the added benefit that it will bring you more customers. Because of this, it’s important to let people know about your efforts – share your successes and inform people of just what lengths you are going to to make the changes necessary both within your business and the world in general. 

Your blog or social media pages are ideal spaces to do this, especially as they can be shared, and you can show your commitment to environmental issues to a much wider audience. You can also use these platforms to encourage others in your community to try similar ideas to yours, thus growing your reach even further. 

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