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What You Should Know About Solar Energy

After years and years of numerous political debates, whether solar energy is beneficial or not, people have finally realized how useful it actually is. Various solar power projects from different parts of the world are currently vanquishing fossil fuels when it comes to price/affordability. 

With every new project, we get a piece of new evidence on how essential it is for us and the future of our planet. Still, it seems like all these studies weren’t enough for some of us. Many are not yet convinced that it’s a better option.

Or you can come across individuals who are simply not familiar with it. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some information about it and it’s up to you to decide whether going solar is really worth your money or not.

Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Power

AC & Solar Power

You have probably bumped into those tiny swamp coolers that remind you of the block and frequently are placed on your desk. Although you may think that these are air conditioners, the truth is, they aren’t. 

If you are going through extremely hot weather, you should opt for real AC and the good news is that you can run it, just by utilizing solar power. Today, on the market, you can purchase numerous AC units that can use solar energy.

For example, if you have any type of air conditioner, even the classic HVAC unit, you can obtain a SunTrac solar panel system that is going to run your current AC unit by utilizing energy precisely from the sun. 

Solar Panels Can Create Power Without Direct Sunlight

Yes, that’s right. Although it may seem unbelievable, we are telling you the truth. Solar power supporters, at say that although solar panels use the sun’s energy to absorb and turn it into power, that doesn’t mean that they must utilize only direct sunlight. It’s because these panels can grasp various parts of the sun’s light spectrum. 

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So, in a case where the sun doesn’t beam directly on the solar panels, or if it’s too gloomy outside, that doesn’t mean that these hues from the sky aren’t being used or captured by these panels. On the contrary. They will still be able to produce power. 

Other Interesting Facts To Absorb

Solar Installation In The United States

Up until one decade ago, the cost for a single solar system was approximately eight US dollars per watt and many were too impatient to welcome the day when the price is going to be four dollars instead of eight.

That day has finally arrived. And it has become more than we expected. Today you can come across an even more affordable price, three dollars per watt. Unbelievable! According to some sources, the average price per a single watt this year is even under three dollars, approximately 2.91!

Solar Energy The Most Abundant Source On Earth

The amazing fact about it is that there’s so much solar energy striking our planet every single hour, to meet our all needs when it comes to power for the entire year. Every drop of oil, each lump of coal, and every single cubic foot of natural gas would never ever be utilized if we could grasp at least one hour’s worth of this energy every year.

Saving Money On Rooftop Panels

Every household has different needs and demands, but still, each house that has them can save up to twenty thousand dollars or even more. The amount of sunlight your area gets creates a huge specter of cost savings among different states. 

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Since a lot of solar panels are quite durable (they can last up to thirty years), that means that you will be able to save even more in the long run. The more energy-efficient your house is and the lower your energy needs, then the faster you will acquire ROI on the system and start generating gratis electricity.

Compatible With Multiple Systems 

The corporation that makes your power bank usually creates its own solar panels. Although these solar panels are frequently quite expensive,  you can still come across ones that are affordable. 

These panels come in different attachment forms, so if you bump into a solar panel that works on the same attachment, then they are intermittent. On a more positive note, you can purchase generic panels that are either equally or even better than branded versions, yet are not as pricey.

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The Future

Whether we like it or not, solar energy is our future. The sooner we accept that fact, the better. Now that the price of solar energy has become very cheap, almost anyone can get access to this form of energy. The only thing that prevents you from obtaining it is yourself. 

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