Here’s How To Care For Your Phone And The Environment

The Earth is already suffering due to decades of toxic waste from all sorts and kinds of different industries. Every one of our belongings is made from something that either is toxic itself or toxic to the environment later on – regardless, a lot of people simply look past those facts and continue to blindly shop around. This kind of behavior needs to stop because the Earth can take only so much damage, the only solution is to stop the vicious cycle of contaminating nature with harmful ingredients. Then again, letting go of day-to-day devices and belongings is not an option, but there is a solution! Here’s how to take care of your phone and the environment all at the same time!

Recycling matters

Having a phone is such a necessity to a lot of people, but oftentimes people miss seeing the actual price of owning a phone. In most cases, phones are a big threat to the environment in so many ways, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that you need one in your daily life! With that being said, it’s important to know that recycling electronics is a thing, and it’s far better than throwing it away and getting a new one as nothing happened. If your phone is completely dead and can’t be repaired, make sure you recycle it and not throw it in the bin like other trash!

Cut down on the waste

The mobile industry sure does make a lot of unnecessary waste, starting from the phones themselves to the phone accessories of all kinds, it;s usually made from materials that are not natural. But there are brands that specialize in saving the environment by making their products eco-friendly in every way. By making something biodegradable, like, directly avoiding the unnecessary waste and compromisation of soil and water. Items that are made from natural materials, are generally better for both you and the Earth, while still keeping the initial functionality and purpose. So it’s a win-win! And to make things even better, lots of these brands also pay attention to the aesthetic part, so you can get a fabulous phone case that’s protecting both your phone and the environment all at the same time!

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Understanding data

A lot of mobile phone users are scarcely using their phones and using endless amounts of data back and forth. But a lot of people are unaware that virtual data has physical storage space as well!  This means that mobile phone users are indirectly spending lots of energy by using up a lot of data and keeping it stored away. These physical storages drain a lot of electrical energy, and it also takes up a lot of real-life space – that could be used for something else. So the next time you try to save a picture or hoard endless amounts of data, remember that you are also draining the resources and compromising the land. This is both bad for your phone and the Earth in general!

Buy only when needed

Owning more than one phone is a common practice to some, especially in hopes of dividing personal life from work, but the environmental aspects of that action are not even considered. Not only are you spending double the amount of energy, but you are also feeding the industry and causing them to make more and more phones, This is a never-ending cycle that’s only doing harm to our planet. That’s why you need to hold on to your phone as much as possible until you can’t use it anymore. By avoiding getting cracks, dropping your phone in water, or any other damaging actions, you will be able to keep your phone, thus preventing further contamination of our ecosystem! 

Lessen the power usage

It’s only natural that your gadgets need energy in order to work, but apart from staggering electricity bills, you are also causing a big footprint on the environment. The Earth can produce so much of the needed resources, but some of them are getting overused while others are generally harmful. There are other ways you can charge your devices just as good, whilst being eco-friendly. Sure, not a lot of people have solar panels in their homes, but it’s a needed investment that can save you both energy and money in the long run. Your mobile phone is an essential part of your daily routine, so keeping it up and running is a must – so it’s obviously better to charge it by using natural and eco-friendly ways!

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Reuse as much as possible

If you can, it’s better to get all your items second hand, or to simply keep using what you already own, Sure, new models are being produced and marketed each day, claiming to be better and improved than the last version – and a lot of people fall for that! A phone is a phone at the end of the day, so you can survive without having a brand new model as soon as it drops! The same goes with chargers, earphones, and other mobile phone accessories – if it’s working fine, why replace it? This can help with lessening the production of unnecessary items while keeping your wallet full – not to mention how beneficial it is to the environment. 

Support eco-friendly brands 

Lastly, it’s always better to support brands that spread awareness about the current situation regarding the environment, than those who remain silent and keep on producing harmful things. The only way to end the cycle of environmental deterioration is by siding with companies that are making the change. Even if it’s a little thing like a phone case or a screen protector, it still makes all the difference in the grand scheme of things!

At the end of the day, there are so many people who are fighting to make the world a better, greener place, so many brands are coming up with useful, eco-friendly items that can replace your bad ones, while still keeping the same quality and function. There is no excuse to ignore such an important matter, as it can have severe consequences on our planet! Educate yourself, and become the needed change in the fight for a better world!

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