Six Tips to Grow a Successful Blog for Your Business

Blogging first began in the 1990s but continues to grow in popularity. It is an invaluable tool for businesses. Consumers like the ability to get to know a brand or read about solutions and ideas through online content. Blogs are a cost-effective way to influence your target audience and help them feel positively toward your business.

While some business owners write their own content, many will use blog writing services. Either way, you can follow these six tips to get a positive return on your investment.

Publish Consistently

Consistency might be the most important component of your business blog. Plan on publishing one blog post per month at a minimum. Brainstorm keywords and topics you can blog about over the next 6 to 12 months but remain flexible if hot topics come up you want to address. By taking the time to pencil out a content calendar, you will be more likely to publish regularly. It can also hold you accountable to a schedule. Once you establish a presence, your core audience will expect new content consistently.

Speak to Your Target Audience

When you brainstorm potential blog topics, think through who you want to target with the content. What are their questions, concerns, or interests? If you have good relationships with a small group of customers, ask them what topics they would be interested in reading. You can also look at what your competition is posting, consider what they are leaving out, and write about it.     

Add Value

Any business can publish words and call it a blog, but that doesn’t mean the audience will want to read it. You know your clientele better than anyone; think about what they would like to learn. Write about topics that will solve problems for your readers or add value to their life. Keep your content clear and not too complex so a broader audience can understand it. Make sure the blog has a logical flow for readers to follow. Establishing yourself as an expert will put you top of mind for a reader seeking your product or service.

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Use Keywords

Pick keywords that are specific to your industry and write a blog post around each keyword. Use the keyword in the headline, subheading, and a few times throughout the blog. Once you start to build up blog posts, link your most recent post to previous blogs to increase traffic. If you are unsure what keywords to use, look at an industry forum or google some phrases related to your business.

Engage Your Readers

One benefit of a business blog is letting your brand or personality shine through in writing. Spark discussion by asking your readers a question or soliciting real-life scenarios of the topic discussed. These engagements can offer great feedback and lead to future blog topics.

Include a Call to Action

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website or build an email list, it is simple to add a call to action in a blog post. It can be subtle and doesn’t have to be an obvious sales pitch. You can link directly to one of your products or services mentioned in the blog or to a newsletter signup for the reader to submit their email address.

Publishing a blog will increase your overall visibility. While blog posts can stand alone and offer tremendous value, they can also be repurposed and used in newsletters, articles, social media, advertising, and more. You can even team up with another business and write guest posts on other websites to expand your reach. If you follow the tips above, you can grow your audience while converting readers to customers.

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