Technology Trends In The Travel Industry

Technology is an essential part of many different industries, as well as the tourism industry. Tech helps business operate on a day-to-day basis by improving their customer service. This is why it is important for all companies, being hotel, airlines, restaurants and casinos, to keep up with the latest technological advancements and adapt to them. Especially since statistics show how those aged between 20 and 39 are most likely to gamble online. This age group is very much aware of the changing technology trends. Within the last few months of COVID, a shift was seen in customer expectations. Below you will find listed a number of the newest tech trends that are shaping the industry.

01. Voice Control

The increase of voice search was a huge success with smartphones, smart speakers and AI assistants, especially in the travel industry. Many are those travelers who search and book their rickets, hotels and experience through voice search. Therefore, when designing a business hotel, it is important to keep this in mind. Hotel rooms voice-controlled devices are used to control the heating and lighting as well as to obtain information about anything.

02. Robots

Robotics is constantly improving by taking the roles of concierges to help greet the guests and give out the necessary information. Some hotels have also gone a step further by involving them with the cleaning of the rooms and the handling of luggage. When it comes to food and beverage establishments, robots can easily have a role within both the kitchen and in the service part. Within airports, they can help to detect weapons as well as pre-screening to make the waiting times more productive. During COVID, the use of robots have increased within the industry to reduce the human-to-human contact.

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03. Contactless Payments

One should also be able to accept contact payments, such as VISA, to ensure quick processed payments. This is also convenient when customers do not have cash, credit or debit card on them but can pay contactless via their smartphone. It will also increase the overall customer experience due to being a time saver. This started off as a means to enhance convenience, but now it is an important part of travel marketing. It made it possible for travelers to not have to handle cash and be concerned about the spread of the virus.

04. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has a significant role in the tourism industry. It enables travelers to experience locations far away from the comfort of home. One can find virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, landmarks, national parks, as well as other activities. Most tours are compatible with most web browsers and can be really helpful for those who are reluctant to travel.

05. Chatbots

The chatbots are able to provide the necessary information to customers on a 24/7 basis. This can enhance customer service. These are typically used to answer some of the most common questions and are known to improve with every interaction they have.

06. Security Measures

This is a major area due to high risk of cyber-attacks and the vulnerability of data breaching. Some of the biggest threats include phishing attacks and ransomware attacks. Investment in cybersecurity training, including encryption and hard/software solutions will help to keep the business safe.

It is essential to keep up with the latest technology trends. This will allow you to provide a much better experience for the guests that can also help to optimize for revenue management and the overall performance.

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