Hiring Mobile App Developers To Build Mobile Apps? Know the Cost

A number of questions come to mind when you think about building a mobile app, especially in 2021. What issues will my mobile app resolve for the company? How much will it cost? Do I need to hire mobile developers, or can I do it by myself?

In our day-to-day lives, mobile apps are quite important. Everything may be done using specific mobile apps, from basic online shopping to health examinations. With the introduction of innovative apps by mobile app development businesses every day, the world has radically transformed. According to Statista, mobile app revenue in 2020 is expected to be over $188.9 billion.

Thus, developing a mobile app can undoubtedly provide you with the opportunity to contribute something to the world. I’ve compiled a complete guide on how to create your own mobile app and how much it will cost. Let’s have a look at that.

What goes into Developing a Mobile App?

01. Identifying the idea or the problem

Why do you believe apps are created? Putting it simply, to solve problems! That is precisely what you should determine in this scenario. Look around you and find any basic or fundamental problem you’d like to solve; this will be the foundation for your app development.

02. Building a Roadmap

Now that you have the idea in your head, it’s time to create a basic roadmap that includes each step you’ll need to take each day and over time. You’ll need to figure out how much time each part of the app-building process will take, as well as how much money you’ll need to spend (we will discuss this in later sections). You should also look into any new skills you might need to acquire in order to develop your mobile app. Plan ahead if you need to hire mobile developers. Investigate each one and establish a long-term strategy for your app development. This will take some time, but once you have a solid plan in place, everything else will fall into place.

03. Creating the UI/UX Design

The design of an app is essentially the deciding element in its success. Now, with UI/UX design, you must make your program interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly to the utmost extent possible! However, this is a lengthy procedure. It is made up of a variety of elements. Data and information that will be provided to consumers via the app, layouts of functional needs, color scheme, font, visual design, prototype, and so on are some of them. This is a key stage that must not be overlooked, and you might even hire mobile developers whose expertise lies in UI/UX.

04. App development procedure

You should gauge the technical architecture as well as the technological stack that you will be using during app development. Remember, for the creation of your app, you may need to understand a variety of programming languages and technological stacks. To make your app the most useful of all, you must go above and beyond. The end goal is to choose the right stack. Turing company has a pool of skills where you can choose from if you plan to hire mobile developers.

05. Testing

Adequate testing during the development phase helps in the construction of a more stable and secure product. It’s critical to test every component of your software during the development phase and compile an analysis report. An app must go through a variety of testing methodologies, including user experience testing, functional testing, security testing, platform testing, performance testing, and more. Make sure when you hire mobile developers, they are acquainted with all the testing procedures.

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06. Removing non-core features

Begin by examining every part of your problem that needs to be improved. After you’ve completed your testing and received your reports, you’ll be able to access this. Remove the non-essential and unneeded features first. Make the app more targeted and precise. However, rather than handing out everything in the first release, you can save such features and incorporate them in later releases.

07. Deployment

This is the final step in the development of our app. To release the app, you must first submit it to an app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the operating system. Before you can launch your app, you must first create a developer account with them. After that, your app will go through a review procedure, and you’ll be ready to launch your first app!

What factors affect the cost of mobile app development and would you need to hire mobile app developers?

01. App complexity and their features

The number and complexity of features you plan to include in your app will be one of the major cost factors. We’re talking about the amount of business logic that needs to be translated into software, as well as the number of screens, buttons, and other features that require third-party integrations, such as in-app purchases.

While certain features are relatively simple to implement, others may be more difficult.

The development team may employ ready-made solutions or write code from scratch, depending on the intricacy of the project.

Here are some examples of app features you might want to add to your app:

  • In-app purchases
  • Device features
  • Location-based services

02. The location of a development team’s (rate ranges per region)

So, how much does it cost to build an app based on the location where you aim to hire? Depending on where you employ your development team, the cost of mobile development will vary significantly. Naturally, the hourly rates of software engineers in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia are substantially more than in places like India, China, or Eastern European countries like Poland or Ukraine, which are becoming popular outsourcing destinations. I suggest you hire mobile developers from 

03. Team setup

The cost of developing your app will also be determined by the composition of your team. The size of the crew should be tailored to your requirements. One Product Owner (from your side), one Scrum Master, one Quality Assurance Engineer, two Android developers, two iOS developers, one Business Analyst (optional), and a UX/UI Designer make up a typical development team. You have the authority to choose who will work on your project.

04. The platforms you’ll be working on

Another factor that influences the cost of developing your app is whether you want it to run on a single platform or numerous platforms. Consider aspects such as the market dominance of iOS and Android smartphones, device fragmentation and prevalence, as well as the uniqueness of creating for each of these platforms when making your decision. Android and iOS application development require different programming languages, as well as various SDKs and tools.

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You won’t notice a substantial price difference between Android and iOS if you’re designing an app for a single platform. However, if you want your software to run on two or more platforms, the development costs will rise. But, you can hire mobile developers who are experienced in both platforms from Turing company, where you get specialized and experienced developers who are well-versed in the different tech stacks.

05. Native or cross-platform app development

If you want to create a mobile app or hire mobile developers that work on both iOS and Android, you need to think about whether you want to use Flutter or other cross-platform solutions. It can help you save money on app development and lessen the time it takes to get your app to market.

06. App maintenance cost

This is an important issue that many would-be app developers overlook. We have a tendency to believe that app development costs are only incurred until the solution is complete. This isn’t correct.

Consumer and industry trends are continuously shifting, and in order to be competitive, your product must adapt to these shifts (not adapting to market changes is one of the most common mistakes in mobile app development). That’s why app maintenance and updating are such critical components of the development process and cost consideration. Make sure you talk this through to your new employees when you hire mobile developers.

In many circumstances, the cost of app maintenance might account for a major portion of the initial development cost (about 15%–20%). Its cost is determined by the estimated duration and number of hours needed for adequate support.

Even if you don’t plan to scale up your app or introduce new features anytime soon, maintenance is essential.

Approximate cost of an outsource mobile app development process

Here is a basic idea of how much it will cost to develop a mobile app according to Droids On Roids, but I recommend taking it with a grain of salt as these numbers can vary greatly depending on your needs:

  • A basic mobile app for 1 platform costs $25,000 – $50,000
  • A medium-complexity app for 1 platform costs around $50,000 – $100,000
  • A complex app for 1 platform costs more than $100,000


We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of how much it costs to design a mobile app and what aspects influence the overall cost. You may reduce these costs and ensure that your digital product is produced in accordance with worldwide tech standards by following the guidelines above. 

Because outsourcing mobile app development is so common, outsourcing companies are well-equipped to handle such collaborations and you can relax while they hire mobile developers for you. You’ll just need to pick the one that you like. is a silicon valley based company that has a pool of more than 1M developers and a vetting process so rigorous that only 1 percent of the applicants pass through the test. With a retention rate of 97 percent, Turing has proved its supremacy in the remote work culture. Turing has now made it possible for you to focus on things that matter to you the most and have peace of mind when it comes to hiring remote talent.

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