5 Benefits of Having a Website for Small Businesses in Urban Areas

Nowadays, it certainly seems like every business has a unique and customer-friendly website – but that’s actually not the case. In the real world, only 46% of small businesses own and maintain a website. Considering how many people spend hours of their life on the Internet and rely on it when it comes to finding and rating businesses that provide products and/or services, it’s truly a shame to think that there are those that don’t use this fact to their advantage. This is where a well-developed website for small businesses in urban areas enters the scene. It can take your company to the next level and separate it from those businesses that don’t maintain their websites – or simply don’t have one.

That being said, all business owners should keep in mind that they have a plethora of content management systems to choose from, with WordPress leading the way when it comes to the number of websites being created. And the best part? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need that much time or effort to create a website that will have that wow factor.

Which are those 5 benefits?

Expanded Customer Reach

Whether you are an owner of a small business or a large corporation, there’s one thing you will aim for – constant growth. Your business needs to develop in order to become more profitable, and the best way to make more profit is by reaching new customers. When it comes to expanding customer reach and widening your pool of clients, no business owner should underestimate the potential of a good website. This is particularly important if you offer the option of shipping your products outside of your area. With global shipping, there’s no telling how far your business can come in a short amount of time, especially if you work on brand promotion and utilize the best SEO tactics.

Speaking of which, most business owners find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps that need to be followed when creating a website. Make no mistake – the process isn’t as complicated as it seems, but it’s completely understandable that some business owners would prefer to hand over this delicate task. Luckily, there are many professional WordPress web design and development agencies that will handle this job quickly and at a reasonable price. Most importantly, they will create a WordPress website that perfectly fits what you have envisioned, so you don’t have to make any compromises.

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Enhanced customer engagement

As a business owner, your first goal is to reach your target audience and expand your pool of customers. However, reaching people won’t mean much unless you manage to keep them loyal to your brand. People love to feel like they are being understood and appreciated, as opposed to being used for profit. That’s why having a website for small businesses in urban areas is so helpful – it enables your customers to know who you are, and what your business policy is, apart from giving them an idea of how to reach you whenever they have any dilemmas.

Of course, how successful you will be in enhancing customer engagement depends on the content of your website. While you should use your website as a means of promoting your business, you shouldn’t make it all about yourself. Instead, 80% of your website content should address the needs of your customers and shed some light on their desires, problems, and uncertainties.

Opportunity to Showcase Products/Services

Even though 80% of your website should be geared toward the needs of your customers, there’s still 20% left for you to do some marketing. Trust us – that’s more than enough, and it hits that perfect spot that won’t put you in the company of those overly-promotional websites. Besides, we have to admit that small businesses in urban areas face special challenges, as they are surrounded by plenty of competition that offers similar products/services. Thus, they should fully utilize their website.

Keep in mind that you should create quality content in order to showcase your offer in the best possible way. That means posting flattering images of your products, composing high-quality videos, and writing compelling copy. Likewise, it’s a good idea to utilize other forms of online marketing mediums that you have at your disposal, such as social media and blogging. Digital marketing can be completely free (if you do it by yourself), and it can generate impressive results.

Access to E-commerce Opportunities

This one is particularly important for those businesses that are selling products in a competitive environment. Sometimes, it’s possible to attract website visitors, after which they will be directed to your social media pages for completing the purchase. However, people nowadays aren’t fans of taking any steps that aren’t necessary, which is understandable. That’s why having an e-commerce website allows website owners to increase their profit by offering a chance to finish the purchase with a few simple clicks.

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Creating an e-commerce website is easier than it seems, and most website owners do it through WooCommerce – an e-commerce plugin for WordPress websites that’s a real game-changer. Just remember to take good images of your products and write accurate product descriptions.

Competitive advantage

Finally, small businesses in urban areas want to have a website simply because it gives them an advantage over the competition. Having a business in an urban area is great as you’ll always have a lot of people to whom you can market your business. However, it also comes with its own challenges, as there will be many businesses that will market the same products and/or services, even if your niche isn’t a particularly popular one.

A well-designed website could be the thing that’s going to tip the scales in your favor and make a customer choose your business over another one. Keep in mind that most businesses nowadays have a website, but not all of them are equally made. You need to make sure yours stands out.


Having a website for small businesses in urban areas can mean the difference between a business that is prosperous and one that has a problem attracting new customers. There’s no telling how far one business could go with a unique website that’s designed to suit the brand, as a solid site can boost your sales, reach new audiences, engage your current clients, as well as showcase your products to brand-new visitors.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about creating a website that fits the description – there are many professional web design agencies that will handle the job for you. They will adjust the design to your brand, so you’ll get a completely personalized website at a (usually) reasonable price. But if you do choose to go down the DIY route, it would be a good idea to consider using WordPress. There’s a good reason why WP is among the best content management systems around – it lets users create and edit their pages simply and without wasting much time.

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