Leave, This “United” “Kingdom”, This “Great” “Britain”

“Not”. “Not”. “Not”. “Not”.

The path to solving immigration, for any country if it is indeed a problem, is

(a) not to solve any of the real problems,

(b) to hide behind complexity, and

(c) engineer clamour and social appeasement at the expense of the very kinds of immigrants you need but are voiceless: the overachievers, the doers, the ones who know sacrifice, the ones without privilege, the ones who overcome hurdles for years what would break normal citizens, the ones who are not parasites but create value both short term and long term, the ones whose enterprising spirit is alive, and the ones who most likely will provide any country, not just its politicians, true loyalty and patriotism, given the chance, given the most basic courtesy, the most minimal of dignity.

But so long suckers. You deserve better. Let this great nation, or any other great and united nation, still pretending to be great, still pretending to be united, to sink. Surely not so soon, for the legacy and heritage of the past, righteous and abusive, condenses energy of a single drop of blood, sweat, and tears into the momentum of entitlement of descendants of conquerors and masqueraders, manifested in the present.

So to you, the victors of the past, steadfast in sleep, your descendants wilts but wilts in comfort. And to you, tomorrow’s hope, leave. You are not welcomed here. And even if some of us do, you and your descendants deserve better.

Build great monuments and buildings in the Middle East. Forge the factories of the future in China, India, South East Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Plow the lands of Canada and Latin America, maybe even Europe (maybe). Run the labs that will save lives and rejuvenate the bodies and souls neglected in the “Global” “South”. Code the threatening systems of AI and Quantum to benefit those who never benefited from the “equalising” “globalisation” of the “Global” “North”. Learn and harness the secrets of the universe to build fusion energy. Design new worlds, detached from the horrors of “world” “order” of the past.

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Leave. Not kicked out as collateral damage. Leave. Head held high. Leave, knowing, you are the future with no need to save the old world pretending to be first world. Leave. A future awaits brighter than the dark clouds of dark souls uncleansed even when brightened by glorious sun. Leave us. We are worthless. Leave. Escape.

Wake up from this nightmare. We cannot. Break free.


Contributed and written by Edward Holloway.

Ed has travelled the world-at-large, interacted with people from all walks of life, and lived and worked in several cities like New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Brisbane. He is advisor and consultant for several government and international institutions with a keen mission for policies and programmes on equitable sustainability, environmental renewal, and new approaches to governance. He currently resides in London.

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