14 Mar 2018

There’s More To The Compact City Than Getting Dense

Melbourne’s strategic planning history has largely overlooked the contribution of Ruth and Maurie Crow. The Crows

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23 May 2017

Cities Redefining What Densely Populated Means

Cities are all about density – groups of strangers agreeing to spend their lives in

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08 Nov 2016

How To Fathom And Unravel The Deception Of Density

If we think carefully about the flaws in measuring how dense a place is, we

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16 Oct 2015

When Will Federal Government Get Cities And Urban Policy

The appointment of a federal minister for cities and the built environment is a signal

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18 May 2015

Megacities Might Not Save The Planet After All

YOU LEARN TO put up with a lot when you live in Mexico State. The

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11 Mar 2015

What If The Entire World Lived In 1 City?

Two Yale architects pose the question in an ambitious research project. It’s difficult to think

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05 Feb 2015

Communities Of The Future Will Be Organised on Transportation

The era of transit-oriented development and “networked livable communities” has arrived. The Great Recession has

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04 Feb 2015

How Much Public Space Does a City Need?

How much of Manhattan is dedicated to public space? For starters, there’s Central Park, but

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30 Jan 2015

The Geometry Of Urban Life

Even a roaming cartophile, looking through an airplane window at night, would be challenged to

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