23 Oct 2019

2019 PISA Indicators And Its Significance To Economic Growth

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a survey conceptualized by the Organisation for Economic

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18 Jul 2019

Global Cooperation Depends On The Strength Of Local Connections

The story of humanity is one of extraordinary cooperation but also terrible conflict. We come

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26 Apr 2018

Yes, Mathematics Can Be Decolonised. Here’s How To Begin

At a time when decolonisation, part of which involves changing the content of what’s taught,

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30 Dec 2017

How A Mathematician Dissects A Coincidence

Whenever a seeming twist of fate happens, we muse “what are the odds?” This mathematician

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12 Oct 2017

Mercator and the Map that ‘Squared the Circle’

Even with today’s modern technology, able to digitize almost anything, representing the world on a

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14 Aug 2015

How Big Data Can Also Discriminate Like People

“This program had absolutely nothing to do with race…but multi-variable equations.” That’s what Brett Goldstein,

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28 Jul 2015

A Mysterious Law That Predicts The Size Of The World’s Biggest Cities

For the past century, an obscure mathematical principle called Zipf’s law has predicted the size

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