14 Mar 2018

There’s More To The Compact City Than Getting Dense

Melbourne’s strategic planning history has largely overlooked the contribution of Ruth and Maurie Crow. The Crows

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03 Apr 2017

Poor Urban Planning, Poor Urban Life. Simple.

Modern urban planning first came about to improve industrial cities that had become unsafe, unhealthy

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11 Mar 2016

Give London’s Citizen The Freedom To Live Well

A city will struggle if it can no longer house the people who teach, clean,

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13 Jan 2016

Why Modern Cities Kills Nightingale’s Song

The Commons apartment building in the inner Melbourne suburb of Brunswick has won swags of

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25 Jun 2015

Are Vertical Villages Bad For Cities

The modern skyscraper is being designed with an ever-increasing range of features – from shops

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19 Jun 2015

Our Elders Who Built Our Great Cities Deserve Better

Too many urban spaces are daunting to older people. But Lyon and Manchester show that

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