09 Jun 2020

7 Interesting Facts About Rubbish

Unfortunately, whatever we do as humans these days tends to produce some kind of waste

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16 Sep 2019

The Plastic Challenge: Are We Solving the Plastic Problem or Creating Demons for the Future?

When plastic became the “wonder” product for solving so many modern issues in the 1970s,

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08 Jul 2019

Where Do The Oceans’ Microplastics Come From?

Microplastics spell trouble and the world’s oceans are infested by these. What are they and

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16 Jan 2019

Humanity Has Managed To Change Places We’ve Barely Even Visited

From the Mariana Trench to the Moon, we don’t have to be in a place

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19 Dec 2018

If you recycled all the plastic garbage in the world, you could buy the NFL, Apple and Microsoft

This year, I served on the judging panel for The Royal Statistical Society’s International Statistic

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22 Apr 2015

Doing The Biggest Ocean Cleanup In History

“Once there was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, and now we are in

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