17 Jun 2020

Global Poverty: Coronavirus Could Drive It Up For The First Time Since The 1990s

As COVID-19 slows in developed countries, the virus’s spread is speeding up in the developing

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29 May 2020

How COVID-19 Is Reversing The Progress In The Fight Against Global Poverty

Various forecasts suggest that years worth of poverty reduction are slowly being negated by COVID-19.

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20 Jan 2020

Black Americans Mostly Left Behind By Progress Since Dr. King’s Death

On Apr. 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, while

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15 Nov 2019

Urban Unrest Propels Global Wave Of Protests

Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia,

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05 Apr 2019

The Most Valuable Tool For Ending Poverty? Data.

The data revolution is under way, and data has impacted how we buy, work, live—even

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08 Jan 2019

Seven Charts That Show The World Is Actually Becoming A Better Place

Swedish academic Hans Rosling has identified a worrying trend: not only do many people across

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12 Dec 2018

What’s Making the United States Poverty Rate Drop?

Over the last five years, the poverty rate in the United States has begun to drop

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19 Oct 2018

Slavery Was Never Abolished – It Affects Millions, And You May Be Funding It

When we think of slavery, many of us think of historical or so-called “traditional forms”

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19 Sep 2018

How To Help Homeless People – Without Feeding A Habit

A new scheme called Greater Change lets homeless people crowdfund for concrete goals using a

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19 Sep 2018

Why Cities Rule The World

Cities are the 21st century’s dominant form of civilization — and they’re where humanity’s struggle for survival

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10 Sep 2018

Don’t Demonise Beggars. It Won’t Solve The Problem Of Homelessness

People do not choose to end up on the streets. Only by treating them as

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20 Aug 2018

The Solution To Poverty Is Opportunity, Not Charity

Treating symptoms is not enough. When we fall ill, our bodies give us symptoms to signal

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15 Aug 2018

World Poverty Has Plummeted—But Will It Ever Disappear?

Few will deny that the past few years have been rough. But believe it or

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25 Apr 2018

This Striking Feature Of Manila Makes It An Emblematic Global City

Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Manila. Few would think of Manila atop a list of

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04 Apr 2018

Algorithms Are Making American Inequality Worse

In a new book, political scientist Virginia Eubanks says using computers to decide who gets

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23 Feb 2018

To Stop Migration, Stop The Abuse Of Africa’s Resources

Europe should tackle migration not by deploying troops, but by curbing economic abuse and destablisation.

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23 Feb 2018

Can Education Become Truly Egalitarian Worldwide?

The recent Dakar (Senegal) international summit on education concluded on February 3 with the hope to

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26 Jan 2018

How Can We Bridge The Widening Global Inequality Gap?

For the past five years, I have carried Oxfam’s call to tackle global inequality to

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05 May 2017

When Cheap Housing Becomes A Cause For Crisis In The US

This is a problem that transcends the rural-urban divide. The affordable housing crisis has spared

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11 Jul 2016

When Robot Drone Fly To Discover The Inequities Of Its Makers

Although South Africa’s apartheid era ended more than twenty years ago, there is still a

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08 Jun 2016

Africa: Grow Your Lands, Grow Prosperity

The recovery and acceleration of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa since about 1995 has been

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13 Apr 2016

The Promise Of Youth Weighed Down By Its Environment

Researchers tracked hundreds of students in Baltimore to find out what top achievers had that

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08 Mar 2016

To End Poverty, We Need To Know What We Don’t Know About Women & Girls

Women make up almost half the world’s labor force and perform most of its unpaid

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07 Mar 2016

Gary Haugen : The Hidden Reason For Poverty The World Needs To Address Now

Collective compassion has meant an overall decrease in global poverty since the 1980s, says civil

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02 Mar 2016

Dan Ariely : How Equal Do We Want The World To Be? You’d Be Surprised

The news of society’s growing inequality makes all of us uneasy. But why? Dan Ariely

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03 Feb 2016

A Solution To Youth Unemployment Path In Africa & The World

Today’s Africa faces a complex mix of challenges and promise. With almost 200 million youth

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28 Jan 2016

The City As Cause & Cure For Its Own Sickness

Do cities make us sick? A century ago, it went without saying that they did.

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09 Nov 2015

How Poverty & Hunger Needs Work With Dignity & Decency

Jomo Kwame Sundaram is the Coordinator for Economic and Social Development at the UN Food

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22 Sep 2015

The Hard Work Of Pope Francis’ Balancing Act

On his first visit to the United States, as well as addressing a joint session

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04 Sep 2015

On The Edge Of Existence, The City Of Timbuktu

What is life like in Mali’s ‘city in the middle of nowhere’? Guardian photographer Sean

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21 Aug 2015

The Top 10 Richest Cities With Serious Poverty Issues

The ten cities listed here are some of the richest and most cultured cities in

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10 Jul 2015

What Urban Design Can Actually Do To Address Police Violence

Leaders in the field discuss what design can—and can’t—accomplish in the service of communities like

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19 Jun 2015

How Transit Mismanagement Drives Poverty

Trains of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) are “five times more deadly” than those in

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18 Jun 2015

How To Raise Awareness About Population Explosion

How do you raise awareness about population explosion? One group thought that the simplest way

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30 May 2015

51 Breakthrough Technologies To Defeat Poverty

Simple technologies like Kenya’s M-Pesa mobile money system can have a huge impact in the

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