2018’s Best Places In US For Halloween

It’s once again the most spook-tacular time of the year! Kids and adults alike dress up and treats are aplenty. What’s seems to be a scary time of the year turns out to be not-so-scary at all with all the fun, games, sweets, and activities to enjoy.

To help Americans decide where to spend the most spook-tacular time of year without frightening their bank accounts, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 20 key metrics. They range from candy and chocolate stores per capita to average price per Halloween party ticket to share of potential trick-or-treat stops.

Here are the top 20 US cities for Halloween, check out if your city made it to the list :

[button style=’yellow’ fullwidth=’true’]01 : New York, NY[/button] [button style=’orange’ fullwidth=’true’]02 : Jersey City, NJ[/button] [button style=’red’ fullwidth=’true’]03 : Los Angeles, CA[/button] [button style=’blue’ fullwidth=’true’]04 : Irvine, CA[/button] [button style=’green’ fullwidth=’true’]05 : San Diego, CA[/button] [button style=’purple’ fullwidth=’true’]06 : Santa Ana, CA[/button] [button style=’pink’ fullwidth=’true’]07 : Chicago, IL[/button] [button style=’primary’ fullwidth=’true’]08 : Las Vegas, NV[/button] [button style=’orange’ fullwidth=’true’]09 : Irving, TX[/button] [button style=’red’ fullwidth=’true’]10 : St. Paul, MN[/button] [button style=’yellow’ fullwidth=’true’]11 : Gilbert,  AZ[/button] [button style=’blue’ fullwidth=’true’]12 : Chula Vista,  CA[/button] [button style=’green’ fullwidth=’true’]13 : Anaheim,  CA[/button] [button style=’purple’ fullwidth=’true’]14 : San Jose,  CA[/button] [button style=’pink’ fullwidth=’true’]15 : Laredo,  TX[/button] [button style=’orange’ fullwidth=’true’]16 : Fresno, CA[/button] [button style=’yellow’ fullwidth=’true’]17 : Long Beach, CA[/button] [button style=’red’ fullwidth=’true’]18 : Miami, FL[/button] [button style=’blue’ fullwidth=’true’]19 : Hialeah, FL[/button] [button style=’green’ fullwidth=’true’]20 : Plano, TX[/button]

Below, you can also see an infographic from WalletHub filled with the best Halloween facts we could unearth.

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