31 Mar 2020

Single Mothers Worldwide Are Struggling To Put Food On Their Tables

Globally, single women are more likely to struggle having enough money to buy food, data

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08 Mar 2020

2020’s Best And Worst US States For Women

It will take 99.5 years for the world to attain gender parity, according to the

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06 Mar 2020

The 100 Most Solar Cities In America

45 of the 57 largest cities in the United States doubled in solar capacity over

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04 Mar 2020

The US Cities Where Apartment Rents Are Rising The Fastest

Settling in a new city cannot be complete without a new apartment. A lot of

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20 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: Are We Heading For A Global Recession?

If the deaths caused by the recent COVID-19 outbreak aren’t already enough, there are escalating

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06 Feb 2020

Can We Rebuild The Country After Trump?

Can we rebuild the United States after President Trump is gone? And how would we

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05 Feb 2020

Where US Commuters Spend The Most Time Stuck In Traffic

The commuters of Los Angeles experience the worst traffic conditions in the United States. This

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05 Feb 2020

Why America Should Legalize Pot

There are currently more than 30 states in America that have in some way legalized

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05 Feb 2020

4 Ways CBD Can Be Used In Fighting Drug Addiction

Substance misuse, encompassing drug addiction, is a big problem for the United States. The way

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10 Jan 2020

The Largest Military Forces In The World

China boasts the largest military in the world in terms of available active military manpower,

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04 Jan 2020

Qassem Suleimani Air Strike: Why This Is A Dangerous Escalation Of US Assassination Policy

The US government has killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Quds Force, the

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19 Dec 2019

Impeachment Comes To The Senate – 5 Questions Answered

The House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump. Attention now turns to the Senate.

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06 Dec 2019

Looking Back: What Happened In Pearl Harbor?

7th of December 1941 is the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Prior to this,

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04 Dec 2019

At 70, Is NATO Still Important? 5 Essential Reads

As the NATO summit begins in London on Dec. 3, it brings together leaders of

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28 Nov 2019

12 Best Cities for Small Business in America Right Now

There are more than 30 million small businesses within the United States as of 2018.  Small businesses create

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28 Nov 2019

Why We Gobble Up Specific Foods On Thanksgiving

United States lore has it that the first Thanksgiving was in 1621, when Plymouth colonists

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27 Nov 2019

How Much Does A Thanksgiving Dinner Cost In 2019?

Are you the Thanksgiving dinner host this year? Wondering how much will your Thanksgiving grocery

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21 Nov 2019

The Cheapest Cities To Rent An Apartment In The U.S.

Rent is one of the major expenses that we have to spend each month. It

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20 Nov 2019

The Top 10 U.S. Cities For Immigrants

Our world is becoming more and more diverse as people continue to move from their

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19 Nov 2019

Why Aren’t Americans Rising Up Like The People Of Chile And Lebanon?

With more Americans demanding an alternative to a system that doesn’t serve their needs, the

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17 Nov 2019

9 Breathtaking US Hiking Trails You Need To Conquer

Hiking is a good way to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty. The 17th

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12 Nov 2019

Don’t Get Confused: The Difference Between Veterans Day & Remembrance Day & Armistice Day & Memorial Day

November 11 marks Veterans Day — and Remembrance Day. If you are in the United

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30 Oct 2019

Best US Cities For Halloween 2019

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you prepared? Perhaps you are planning to make

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29 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Protesters Shouldn’t Pin Hopes On Outsiders To Solve Their Impasse With Beijing

The decision by the US House of Representatives to pass legislation tightening up the scrutiny

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14 Oct 2019

Does Your City Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas back on October 12,

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11 Oct 2019

Impeachment Won’t Save America’s Democracy

So it’s official: The U.S. House of Representatives, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is moving

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02 Oct 2019

5 US Cities With The Most Homeless People

While the United States enjoy one of the strongest economies in the world, the benefits

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17 Sep 2019

What To Expect As A New Visitor In The US

Are you planning a trip to the US? Do you have targeted locales in the

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11 Sep 2019

Could We Have Prevented The Collapse Of The World Trade Center?

This day marks the tragic 9/11 attacks. One can perhaps vividly remember the tragic collapse

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06 Sep 2019

The Economic Impact Of Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

The United States is one of the world’s largest economic power and this is shown

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28 Aug 2019

Seven Threats To The State Of The Air In The US

Too many people in the United States live their daily lives with air unhealthy for

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15 Aug 2019

America’s Back-To-College Shopping List

It’s back to school season. Where do U.S. college students spend their money in preparation

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07 Aug 2019

Stop Blaming Video Games For Mass Killings

In the wake of the El Paso shooting on Aug. 3 that left 22 dead

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06 Aug 2019

Could A National Buyback Program Reduce Gun Violence In America?

Americans own nearly half of the world’s guns, with approximately 120 firearms for every 100

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30 Jul 2019

America’s Shift From Coal To Renewable Energy

America taking the sustainable route is paying off. The Guardian reports that renewable sources have

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29 Jul 2019

Globalization And The Enchantment Of The World

What does the term “globalization” mean? Is it a strictly economic phenomenon or does it

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17 Jul 2019

Why Won’t The US Supreme Court Do Anything About Racism?

The Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke fired 16 shots, killing the African-American teenager Laquan

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11 Jul 2019

Missions To The Moon

Since Neil Armstrong’s first landing, other countries have since sent their own missions to explore

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09 Jul 2019

The Top 10 Brands Americans Claim They Can’t Live Without

There are brands that are really good that we almost always use them every day

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04 Jul 2019

Winners And Losers In The US-China Trade War

Donald Trump’s presidency has been marked by a rise in protectionism. His “America First” policy

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03 Jul 2019

At The G20, A Focus On Sideshow Diplomacy And Photo Opps, With Limited Material Gains

What a weekend it’s been: global leadership, diplomacy and theatrics, all at play on the

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27 Jun 2019

Class, Trump, Brexit, And The Decline Of The West

In politics, long-term socio-economic trends and global shifts matter more than often overstated ‘progressive’ discourses

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25 Jun 2019

Who Really Pays For American Students To Go To College?

Individually, Americans spend a lot on higher education. Most undergraduates finish with about $30,000 in

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18 Jun 2019

If You Oppose Donald Trump, Please Don’t Hate Him

When we allow ourselves to fall victim to hatred, we are doing our opponents’ work

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16 Jun 2019

What Does The Trump Administration Want From Iran?

Two oil tankers were attacked on June 13 off the coast of Oman, forcing the

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10 Jun 2019

Why The Nazis Studied American Race Laws For Inspiration

On 5 June 1934, about a year and half after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of

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08 Jun 2019

US-China Trade War: Impact On Tech Companies

The ongoing US-China trade war is turning out to be really ugly for tech companies.

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08 Jun 2019

Five Reasons Why We Should Be Grateful To Donald Trump

People who are basically good sometimes cannot help doing evil. Conversely, an evil man cannot

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06 Jun 2019

D-Day 75 Years On: ‘Special Relationship’ Forged On The Beaches Of France Now Poised To Enter A New Era

In 1944 the blimps above London were barrage balloons – in 2019 the blimp above

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06 Jun 2019

Trade War: What Is It & How Are We Affected?

A trade war is more than just getting companies like Huawei banned. Initiating a trade

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