How To Protect Your Employees From Online Harm

The internet has been a massive benefit for businesses across the globe, and enables us to all work faster and smarter than ever before. However, with these great benefits has also come some potential dangers, and when employees are in a position where they could be harmed online, then your whole company is at risk. There are a wide variety of factors that can affect your employees’ use of the internet and it is important to take preventative measures in relation to online harm, rather than having to face the potentially detrimental consequences of not protecting your employees. Here’s how to put in place the framework to keep employees safe online.

Fraudulent and Phishing Emails

Fraudulent emails are inevitable at any company. The best way that you can maintain employee vigilance against these potentially harmful scenarios is by sending regular test emails to staff before checking to see whether they click the phishing link or not. This is an advised practice that will keep employees from ever absent-mindedly opening emails that could cause a wide variety of issues within the network of the entire business. It is important to remember that every business is at risk from very clever and manipulative online scams, so it is important that you regularly talk to your whole workforce about this matter.

Cyber Bullying and Harassment

Cyber bullying and harassment are some of the most atrocious outcomes of anonymous user accounts and the ability to hide your identity when communicating with others over the internet. Online bullying is becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace and it is good practice to take any accounts of bullying and/or employee harassment extremely seriously.  If there are reports of bullying – either within the workplace or online – it is possible to hire specialists who can carry out employee misconduct forensics on any computer or device in your workforce. Fortunately, cybercrimes and online abuse are relatively easy to trace – with the right technology. 

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Technology Addiction

There are many reasons why technology is so addictive. Whether it gives us an opportunity to talk to our children at the touch of a finger or whether we believe it could be the key to unlocking our next romantic partner, we invest a lot of time on our mobile phones every day. However, smartphone addiction is a genuine problem throughout modern society and health professionals are warning citizens of every age about the harmful effects of addiction to technology. Risks of this addiction include:

  • Issues involving sleep
  • Psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders
  • Physical issues such as joint pain, obesity and eye strain

It is important to recognize technology addiction in the workplace and deal with it in a firm but understanding manner. Try to encourage employees to engage in physical activities away from screens whenever it is possible, and tell them that using phones at their desks is unacceptable while they’re being paid to work.

This article looks at three major online harms, and how you can prevent them from becoming an issue for your workforce – therefore fostering a better, safer working culture in your company.

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