How to Keep Foxes Away from Your Yard

Foxes might be beautiful creatures that are fun to watch as they play and hunt, but they can present some serious problems for homeowners. Removing foxes can be a challenge, so it is very important to find ways to prevent them from coming onto your property in the first place. Continue reading to learn how to keep foxes away from your yard.

Why Are Foxes Attracted to My Yard?

In order to understand why a fox would want to come into your yard, it is important to learn about their natural habitats and behaviors. Foxes generally love to live in wooded, brushy areas, as these help to keep them safe from coyotes and other larger predators. Visit to learn about foxes’ habitat, behaviors, and biology. In many cases, foxes may be attracted to your yard because it supplies easy food sources or a great shelter.

Clean Up Your Yard

One of the best ways to keep foxes away from your yard is to spend some time and effort in getting your yard cleaned up. If you have brush and debris piles around your yard, it is important to clean them up, as they provide foxes with prime rodent hunting ground, as well as potential shelter. Keep all of your pet food and garbage secured and out of the reach of animals, as these can also attract foxes. 

Secure Poultry

One common reason foxes enter some yards is if they can smell or hear the sound of chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese. If foxes can dig or claw their way into your poultry shed or fence, you could have some problems. Not only will the foxes eat and kill your birds, but they will also keep coming back until they cannot get access. If you shore up your poultry shed’s defenses, you will have one less fox attractant to your yard.

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Fox Removal

If foxes somehow make it into your yard and are intent on staying, you will have to remove them. DIY fox removal can be a tricky proposition, and it often ends in failure. In addition, coming into contact with a fox has the potential to be hazardous to human health, due to rabies and other diseases. It is recommended to hire a wildlife removal company, such as District Wildlife Solutions, as these experts can effectively take care of your fox problem, all while keeping your family safe from the dangers of wild animals.

Use Your Dog

It should be noted that this is not a great idea if you have a smaller dog or a more mild-mannered dog. If you allow your dogs to be outside at night, they can provide some of the best fox protection you can find. In fact, if your dogs bark it might be enough to keep the fox from coming into your yard. If you have some bigger dogs that appear tough to a fox, they will most assuredly not come into your yard. Just be aware that if a fox is sick, it could potentially want to fight your dog, which could be very dangerous to your dog. 


A great way to keep foxes out of your yard is to install a fence around your yard. While this may be a costly endeavor, fences can prevent most larger nuisance animal species from getting into your yard. While foxes can dig, it is unlikely they would dig under a fence unless your yard attracted them very much. It is also unlikely a fox would be able to jump over your fence, depending on what height your fence is.

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