6 Ways Businesses Can Protect The Environment

Every business owner understands their organization has a responsibility to care for planet Earth, but many are unfortunately choosing to ignore green practices. If you want your company to become more accountable to help preserve planet Earth, there are various actions you can take to develop an eco-friendly brand. Here are six ways businesses can protect the environment.

01. Use Environmentally-Friendly Products

Small tweaks to your operations could lead to big changes to the planet. For example, if you run a cleaning company, you can protect the ecosystem by only using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. You also could eliminate plastic from your packaging, which will otherwise slowly decompose, fill up land-fills and impact ocean life.

02. Hire Environmental Clean-up Services

Unfortunately, using hazardous materials can be part and parcel of many business operations, as it might be reliant on the use of oil or other toxic substances. If this is the case, you should hire dependable environmental clean-up services, who will collect all hazardous waste for disposal. You’ll also have peace of mind that the materials will be appropriately tracked and handled in line with state and federal regulations and guidelines.

03. Decrease Paper Waste

Many organizations have gone paperless, as it can offer a variety of benefits to businesses. Not only is it easier and safer to store files in the cloud, but it can also decrease paper waste across the workplace.

By following in their footsteps, you’ll be able to:

  • Lower the impact on forests
  • Decrease your energy usage
  • Reduce climate change emissions
  • Limit air and water pollution
  • Produce less business waste
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There are a variety of tactics you can employ to lower paper waste. For example, you could store your files in the cloud, request employees do not print draft documents or emails, or consider switching to an online fax solution such as eFax.com.

04. Provide Employees with Filtered Water

It can be easy for many professionals to pick up a bottle of water on their way into the office. However, many people don’t know that plastic water bottles can take hundreds of years to decompose at a landfill.

In addition to providing recycling bins to help the bottles to decompose at a faster rate, you could provide filtered water and reusable cups, which can reduce their reliance on bottled water.

05. Permit Telecommuting

Telecommuting cannot only improve employee job satisfaction and decrease your staff turnover, but the flexible working arrangements can also help you to build a greener business.

By allowing your staff to work from the comfort of their own home, you’ll reduce the amount of energy used in your office, which can preserve your finances while protecting the environment. What’s more, remote working can decrease your company’s carbon footprint, as your employees will not need to drive to and from work each day.

06. Switch Off Computers

Many business owners and employees will not give a second thought to leaving appliances plugged in, but it could cost your business a considerable amount of money each month and can add to climate change. To conserve energy and protect your profit margin, you must instruct all members of staff to switch off their computers and other devices at the end of each working day.

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