Top 7 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

Libraries have been a core part of human existence with its origin dating back to 2600 BC. This was before modern books even existed. Back then, knowledge was saved in tablets made of clay for optimum preservation. Just like everything else in the world, libraries have evolved over the years. Apart from the invention of books and the dramatic change in how libraries are built, libraries are now open to everyone. They are no longer limited to a few people or elite members of society. In this article, we would be addressing the most beautiful libraries around the world.

Top 7 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World 

01. Central Library Oodi in Helsinki, Finland

As one of the newest libraries in the world, the Oodi is located in the center of the capital. It was inaugurated towards the end of 2018. While many libraries are more concerned about functionality and less about aesthetics, the ALA Architects who built this library focused a lot on making the library aesthetically pleasing. The library is divided into three floors and each one contributes to the overall beauty of the building.

02. Wirtschaftsuniversität Bibliothek in Vienna, Austria

This library is a stone throw away from the Danube River and the city’s University campus. Even if it is near the Baroque national library, it is considered more beautiful and modern. It is six stories high and has an extraordinary overhang that reflects artificial and natural light.

03. Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, Italy

Venice isn’t one of the most beautiful cities in the world for nothing. Most of the public buildings in the city are built without sparing any expense and this includes the  Biblioteca Marciana library. It isn’t just one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, it is also one of the biggest. If you have an interest in ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts, this might be the perfect library for you since it holds a great collection.

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04. Warsaw University Library in Warsaw, Poland

This is a university library like no other and it is located in the capital of Poland. It is one of the oldest libraries in Poland and it is open to everyone interested in visiting. It was designed by Zbigniew Badowski and Marek Budzyński. One of the largest botanical gardens in Europe is located at the rooftop of this library.

05. Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz in Stuttgart, Germany

Designed by renowned architect, Euo Young Yi, this 130 feet tall library is a sight to behold. Unlike many other libraries, this spot is an attraction in the day when it is gray and at night when it is blue. The first hallway you see when you step inside the building is awesome.

06. Royal Library Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark

This library is located in the Danish capital and is often called the Black Diamond due to its beautiful interior and exterior. It is one of the most important buildings in Copenhagen. Unlike other libraries, they often host concerts on one side of the building that can hold 600 people at a time.

07. John Rylands Library in Manchester, United Kingdom

The John Rylands Library was founded in 1889 and named after the husband of the architect, Enriqueta Ryland. While they started building in 1889, the library wasn’t completed until 10 years later in 1900. There is a Reading Room with 16 glass windows and several portraits that reflect the history of humankind.

These are the top seven most beautiful libraries across the globe. Each one was built with functionality and aesthetics in view. If you have an assignment about the most beautiful libraries in the world, you can write about any or all these libraries. If you don’t have time to write, simply run an online search for “Do My Homework Now“. You’ll find a website with writers who are willing to do the assignments for you.

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