11 Dec 2019

Top 7 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

Libraries have been a core part of human existence with its origin dating back to

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17 Jul 2019

The Cities Where Libraries Are Thriving

These are the top 12 cities which recorded the most number of books loaned in

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27 Feb 2018

The 14 Epic Must-See Libraries Of The World

A cab driver once told me that, at the age of eight, he walked 10

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09 Nov 2016

Once Upon A Time, Information Was Literally Chained In Libraries

Before the printing press made books cheap and easily available, books in the Middle Ages

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10 Feb 2016

Why The Idea Of Simply Reading In A Library Has Become Obsolete

In Seattle, a new private library — the first of its kind in a century

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03 Sep 2015

How Africa’s Libraries Can Be Its Launchpad To The World

South African librarians were shocked in 2013 when one of the top researchers at the

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08 Jul 2015

The 25 Must-See Libraries In The World

“True, knowledge is power. But we forget, knowledge is also beautiful in the abstract and

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06 Apr 2015

Secret Libraries Of London

Libraries are often public spaces with a rather private focus, each visitor engrossed in quiet

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27 Mar 2015

Secret Libraries Of Paris

From majestic medieval towers and chandelier-lined 17th-century reading rooms, to medical collections that will make

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10 Mar 2015

Secret Libraries Of Rome

Rome’s 2,500-year history means that even a trip to the corner drugstore turns into a

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