Grain-Free Dog Food: Is It Really Better For Your Puppy?

Having a puppy can be quite exciting, they are energetic, lovable and you just want to cuddle them forever. They do have their needs, however, such as food, water, and grooming. As a dog owner, you want to provide the best food option for your puppy, but it can be quite hard to choose between the different kinds of food options. One contender when you want to find food for your dog is grain-free dog food. This food does not contain any wheat or corn and is said to be healthier for your dog.

Here are some things to put into consideration if you plan to compare grain-free food and regular dog food.


GMO, or genetically modified organisms, are quite dangerous not just for puppies but also for humans. These organisms, whether they are plants or animals, have been changed biologically for certain purposes and may have horrible effects on your puppy’s body. If you check the best grain free food reviewed for 2020, you will find that most, if not all of them, are GMO-free. This is because grain-free food should be healthy for your puppy, which is not possible if it has been genetically modified.

Types of Carbohydrates

What some people might not realize is that although grain-free food does not have any wheat or corn, it still has other forms of carbohydrates incorporated into it. Some brands choose potatoes while others may use sweet potatoes or garbanzo beans. This is why buying grain-free food may not have the desired effect if you want to buy food that will make your puppy lose weight. These carbohydrates are healthier for your puppy and are going to give it more energy than just eating food with wheat or corn.

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Protein Levels

Because of the lower rates of wheat and corn, which carry a lot of carbs, some grain-free foods have a higher level of protein included. This is great because your dog needs certain amounts of protein in their food so that they can grow healthily and not be malnourished. If you are uncertain of how your dog’s body will react to the high protein levels because of its young age, then you can ask your vet whether your puppy will have an adverse reaction or not to the amount of protein in the grain-free food.


Because of the above-mentioned protein increase and using no grains, which are less expensive than the other forms of carbohydrates and the protein used in making dog food, grain-free food can cost more than regular food would. If you want what is best for your dog, then paying a bit extra won’t be that much of a problem. You can consider it a preventive measure since eating grain-free food is said to decrease reactions to allergens and to make your puppy have a better digestive system overall.

Now that you know what getting grain-free food for your dog entails, you can make an informed decision. As a pet owner, your priority is the health and happiness of your puppy, so do not hesitate to be thorough in your search for the perfect dog food.

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