What You Should Know About Opossums

The opossum is one of the foremost scavengers in the United States, living equally comfortably in urban or rural areas. Due to its ability to spread diseases, cause damage to homes and yards, and tendency to be aggressive if cornered, opossums should not be kept around human-inhabited areas. Here is a great resource to learn more about opossums and keep reading to find out more about opossums and how you can take care of them quickly and safely.

What problems do opossums cause?

The biggest issue that comes with having opossums around humans is the health risks they pose. They spread all kinds of nasty diseases that can potentially be fatal to humans. Since they can become aggressive if they are sick or feel threatened, it is important to keep them away from pets and children especially. Some really bad diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and tuberculosis, in addition to others, create some serious health risks for humans and pets. Since there are many different transmission methods for these diseases, it can end up being a big deal. Opossums can spread diseases by biting or scratching people or pets, leaving their diseased feces and urine in areas, or by leaving saliva where they have eaten. In addition to the health risks, opossums also will wreak havoc if there are any domesticated birds or fowl around, as they love to eat these critters.

How do I prevent opossums?

Like most animals, opossums generally come to a home or a yard because of the yard’s appeal to them. Yards appeal to opossums by providing easy food sources, places to shelter, or by providing warmth. One of the simplest ways to keep opossums away is to simply keep your yard clean. Keeping grass and weeds short will cut down on places for opossums to hunt for food and hide. Getting rid of woodpiles and other debris-filled areas will also get rid of some sheltering places for opossums. Always be sure to keep your garbage and pet food secured tightly, as these provide super easy food sources for enterprising opossums.

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How can I trap opossums?

Many homeowners may feel that they can easily remove an opossum on their own. While this could be true, there are some unique problems encountered when dealing with nuisance opossums. The first and most serious problem is the amount of disease these critters have. One other big issue is that mother opossums like to have their babies in hidden areas, especially in attics. If you got rid of the mother, the babies would die very slowly and create a terrible odor that would linger in your home for a long time. Not only will the odor be terrible, but it is not ethical treatment of the animal. Since these issues are fairly serious, it is recommended to find a pro in your area for humane opossum removal services.

Hire a Professional

Not only does a professional pest control expert remove the opossum and its babies, but they will also be able to guide you on how to prevent future opossum invasions. In addition, these professionals can install preventative measures and fix any damage caused by opossums. 

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