Life In A Big City When You Are A Student

It is so much fun to be a student in a big city. It is, indeed, a unique experience. Yet, it is a challenge. And only the most dedicated and persistent can cope with it.

Evidence-free, this statement is mere words. Let’s look into potential threats and benefits of college life in a big city.

Plenty of Opportunities for Entertainment

You will never feel bored in a big city. Even if you do not have a car, and actually, there is no need for one as it is much cheaper and faster to get around using public transportation, you can find some nice spots and attractions.

Life in a big city offers you dozens of museums with the rarest artifacts and theatres where high-profile artists gladly present their talents. You can go to concerts and performances, music and other festivals, visit all kinds of cultural and sports events.

Exploring a new city is awesome, and stumbling upon some unexpected places in a city which you try to know better, is absolutely fantastic. This is your chance to enjoy two roles at once – being a tourist while living like a local.

You can have a good time researching some local eateries, cozy coffee shops, and themed bars that offer delicious food and drinks while at the same time helping you save money and fit into your budget.

Plus, a big city is, in most cases, a multinational city, where you can experience all kinds of diversity when it comes to national cuisine or cultural authenticity.

Just imagine – you will be sharing space with hundreds of thousands of people, which means you will never run out of new acquaintances.

You will always find someone to speak with about anything, including that popular book you have just read, essay writing service, or a new Marvel movie.

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You will find friends to have a cup of coffee with or a round of drinks when you need that and get lost among strangers when you feel like being alone.

You may opt to volunteer, knowing that it is a nice way to make new connections and naturally blend into a new community and meet people who have a similar philosophy and mindset.

Besides, more people means more different parties where you can have a blast! Parties are also a nice place for funny experiments like deciding to talk only to people wearing yellow one time or having curly hair next time.

With so many opportunities, exciting things, and interesting people around, you can even start a blog and share your unique experiences with others.

Missing the Traditional College Experience

If you are unable to keep your excessive enthusiasm under control and stop visiting all those parties, living in a big city with lots of distractions is a risk as it will take your focus away from studies.

So, you’d better decide before you apply what your priorities and expectations are. What do you want your college experience to be – more time spent in libraries with books and work on projects with peers or hanging out with friends?

Also, urban colleges may lack that area where most students are centered on and around, and college buildings may be intermixed with those of the city.

No actual campus means that the feeling of community is not that strong in big city colleges, and you may never really find out what a traditional college campus environment is.

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It is not a secret that the cost of living is higher in a big city, and sometimes it is just overwhelming, so you will have to curb your expenses and/or be prepared to find a part-time job.

The Importance of Balance

While having to pay more for private accommodation is an obvious drawback for an urban college, the variety of student jobs offered in a big city compared to that on-campus can surprise you.

What is more, students in a big city usually have access to a wider range of internships, workshops, and other career-boosting activities. So, you will be able to expose yourself to some HR experts or top managers if you play your cards right.

Just think of it in the following context: you may get a chance to have an internship in one of the top companies in your industry even before you graduate. That is a nice thing to have in your resume, isn’t it?

It is also likely that some of your professors will be working professionals in the city. They can teach you some useful skills and share their experience.

They are your direct connection to the big business world, and if you are daring enough, you can ask one of them to be your mentor.

This is really a benefit; not every smaller town college can offer you.

And yet, your decision should be objective and considered. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, weigh up all the pros and cons, and remember that your target after college is a dream job, no less.

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