Explore The 5 Most Popular University Campuses In The World

Every year, more and more foreign universities open overseas campuses in different countries of the world. This is done to raise the standards of international education, establish the reputation and influence of universities, and also to attract new foreign students.

Overseas university campuses provide students with a variety of attractive opportunities. For example, we can talk about obtaining diplomas of British or American most popular universities in exotic corners of the planet or about studying in several countries of the world within the framework of one academic program.

01. University of Nottingham, England, Malaysia, and China

The recognized British University of Nottingham, in addition to the main campus in England, also includes overseas campuses in Malaysia and China, which are popular among students from all over the world.

The University of Nottingham in Malaysia occupies a large and picturesque campus with a modern library, sports fields, and student residences. On the Malaysian campus, you can study mathematics, chemical, and civil engineering, biomedical sciences, management, computer science, and other disciplines.

The Chinese university campus is international and also offers a wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs, including research programs. Here you can study architecture, international business, English and literature, finance, and international relations. The campus was opened in 2004, includes 14 research centers, and annually educates more than 8,000 students from around the world.

02. Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and Egypt

The Egyptian campus of Berlin Technical University is located in the resort town of El Gouna on the Red Sea and offers students quality English-language master’s programs.

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On the campus, you can get master’s degrees with specializations in energy, urban development, water engineering, IT in energy, and business in energy engineering. These programs combine the latest European research and development with topical issues for the North African region and the Sinai Peninsula.

03. ESCP Europe, France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy and Poland

ESCP Europe, founded in 1819, is the oldest business school in the world and today is one of the leading educational institutions for the study of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and management. This is where some of the best MBA programs in the world are offered.

By his decision, the student can spend 6 months or 1 year on each of the European campuses of ESCP Europe. The university is known for its strong program, so you should be ready for lots of assignments and paper writing. The majority of students uses websites that write essays like Paperell to get some professional help and free up a study schedule. It’s also a helpful resource for international students since education on every campus takes place in English and leads to a standardized business degree. In addition, each campus has its own specialization and features. For example, the Spanish campus offers a master’s program in business and project management in partnership with the Technical University of Madrid.

04. Sorbonne University, France and the UAE

By agreement with the Government of the United Arab Emirates, the famous French Sorbonne-Paris University opened its campus in the capital of Abu Dhabi to improve the general level of higher international education in the UAE.

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This is a French-English educational campus, on the basis of which bachelor’s and master’s programs in economics, management, law, geography, international business, archeology, arts, marketing, and computer science are offered. Other well-known popular universities in France are also providers of campus programs: the University of Paris Descartes offers on-campus law and economics programs, while the University of Pierre and Marie Curie offers an English-language diploma program in physics. Remember, that if you feel like you can’t cope with all the subjects, find websites that write papers for you. All of these programs lead to full French degrees.

05. Leeds Metropolitan University, England and India

The overseas campus of Leeds City University is located in the Indian city of Bhopal and offers students from all over the world with high-quality English-language education and excellent opportunities for living. On the green campus of the university, students study, live, play sports in the fresh air, and spend free time. So whenever you feel like you need to relax, contact a website that writes essays for you.

The main specialization of the campus programs in the field of business and management. At the undergraduate level, specializations in business, management, international business, marketing, and human resource management are offered here. At the master’s level, programs in management and marketing are available. In addition, on the campus you can get a unique British MBA degree in India.

Beautiful campuses and rentals are not just built to enjoy them. They become a convenient home for their students and provide excellent opportunities for development.

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