What Is InLog CLS? Your Complete Guide

Did you know that the automotive aftermarket industry might reach over $722 billion by the end of this year? If you have been looking for a solution when it comes to automotive distribution then you might have heard of InLog CLS but are not really sure what it is.

Keep reading to learn more about InLog solutions.

What Is InLog CLS?

InLog CLS was founded in 2004 by Jeff Griffis who saw the same problem with multiple automotive distribution companies. He wanted to use technology to help save time, money, and help the environment.

This is where he created a 3rd party independent fixed cost technology platform to help. InLog has 24-hour support options available and it also has auto-generated routes and schedules. With InLog you can use it from either an IOS or Android operating system and it has auto dispatching and geocoding technology.

Maintenance Planning

The truth is that most people do not plan for maintenance even though they are now holding their vehicles for a longer period of time compared to before. This is why it is a good idea to understand what brings shoppers to service providers and which auto parts are the most common.

Most people fail to plan ahead which leaves them searching online when something goes wrong or when they hear a funny sound while they are driving down the road. Searching allows people to find the information they need and it also helps them take action quickly.

For the most part, someone will call a service provider from a search that they do online from their computer or phone.

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Searching on Mobile

Because most people have a cell phone nowadays, the searches for service and increasing dramatically on mobile phones. Picture yourself driving down the road and something suddenly bangs or sputters, you will more than likely reach for your phone when you stop your vehicle.

Our phones are always with us so it is convenient to search right then and there and take action by calling around. Video is another influence factor when people are deciding who to call first. Taking advantage of advertising on platforms like YouTube’s in-stream ads can really help drive awareness to what you have to offer.

Feeling Like an InLog Pro?

Now that we went over all the ins and outs of InLog CLS we hope you are feeling like a pro and have zero confusion about it. As more people are looking for ways to get the most out of their vehicles and a longer lifespan, the relationship with service providers and dealers is changing.

You want to make sure that you are fostering those relationships long after the sales occur to keep people coming back to you and referring their friends and family.

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