How To Ensure That Your Home Is Safe When You Leave

Every time you leave your home, whether it’s for work, to run errands, or go on vacation, you know that there’s a chance something may happen while you’re gone. You try your hardest to ensure that these problems don’t occur, but we can only do so much, and likewise, accidents can happen. However, the problem isn’t in leaving a tap running, leaving a stove element on, or leaving the dog to get up to no good, it’s about what someone with bad motives may be up to.

You can’t control everyone, certainly not the people with poor intentions on their mind, so it isn’t much you can do if some jerk decides they’re going to go on a shopping spree of your home and rob your house. While you can’t stop them from getting these ideas in their head, you can do your part in making sure that when that crime-ridden idea pops into their head and they try to enact it, it’ll fail.

Making your home burglar-proof and safe from this kind of danger when you leave your home is good for your family who may remain at home and in the general sense of keeping everything nice and safe for when you get back. Here is how you can ensure your home will be safe when you return.

Outfit Your Home With Security Windows

A good step to take that will protect your home is to make sure that the windows are nice and protected. Security windows are tightly sealed so that they can withstand weather, but most importantly, they’ll keep the bad guys out. If you check out this window company established in Perth, you can see how security windows are really handy. With reinforced frames, they look good but work well too, so it’s certainly a good investment into home security.

Consider Buying a Security Door Too

Not only should you focus on the windows, but you should really consider getting a security door as well. What is a security door? Well, it’s the same thing as a security window. Reinforced, better sealed, heavier, and just overall stronger than a normal door. These doors are incredibly helpful at keeping people out too, and their durability is very apparent. They also don’t look ugly or awkward either, they are simply just very handy doors so definitely a way to protect against any home intruders while out.

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Go for Tinted Windows As Well

If you don’t want to get secure windows or want to improve them, then you need to consider making them tinted. The reasoning behind tinted windows for the home is the same as your car, which probably has tinted windows as well. Tinted windows provide you some excellent privacy from peering eyes. It’s not something that will stop someone from getting in, it’s simply just a good way to keep people from looking into your home. If you don’t have a fence, if you live in a home that is incredibly close to a street, no bush or tree coverage, etc. it’s a worthy idea to make sure you aren’t being spied on in your home at any hour.

Get a Home Guard Dog


Man’s best friend, the family dog, is also a pet that can be more than just a fluffy friend. Getting a dog to protect your home, property, and family is something that a lot of people think about because they want something intimidating without going full-out and buying a gun or some kind of weapon, which might be illegal where you live. The next best solution is, of course, a guard dog. Be it a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd, they make a good family companion and a very intimidating way to keep baddies out of your yard and home.

Put Up a Fence

Another simple homemaking effort to really add security to your home is to put up a fence. It seems very inconspicuous, but a fence actually will reduce the number of problems and crime that occurs at your home. Even a fence as low as 3 feet can deter someone, so the bar is pretty low. Not only that, but it’s more privacy, helps prevent liabilities of people wandering into your yard and getting hurt, and provides a good enclosed space for a pet or a child to play.

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Join or Establish a Neighborhood Watch

If you live in a nice enough neighborhood, there might be a neighborhood watch or some kind of neighborhood coalition. These groups are good to join because it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and form a bonded community with the ones you live near, but it’s also important for keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood. Knowing that there are people in your community making sure everyone is safe is a huge part of feeling at ease in your own neighborhood. If possible join the neighborhood watch or even consider starting one.

Add a Home Security System

And finally, you can consider going with the classic home security system. There’s a lot to feel good about when you know you have a trusted security company that is monitoring the status of your home. The cutting-edge technology provides you with an alarm system that will alert you, and them, to anyone that is trying to enter your home. These alarms are located at doors and windows, the primary entrances that someone would be trying to get in. They also might provide cameras, which speaks for itself. This is a really popular option and is very hands-off which is definitely a plus.

Keeping your home safe is a major reason why you want to be a responsible homeowner. You want to keep your stuff safe, your family safe, and your home itself safe. No one wants a window broken, a door kicked down, or a traumatizing experience, so you have to be ready for anything. These tips will be very useful in finding a solution that works for you.

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