How To Make Your Coffee As Perfect As Possible

Only a few things can be considered perfect, and the aroma of delicious coffee in the morning certainly qualifies as one. For coffee aficionados, having their daily cup of joe first thing in the morning is not a simple habit, but rather a sacred ritual that has to be savored.

Making the perfect cup of coffee is not rocket science, but the process might need a bit of tweaking before you can get the desired result. Because bad coffee can sour your mood for the whole day, you need to learn how to make it taste better without having to run to Starbucks every day before work. If you are tired of making coffee that is just “meh,” follow the next guide.

Get Quality Beans

The “all beans are good beans” mentality will only get you so far. Yes, there is a huge difference between various beans, and it is up to you to buy high-quality ones. People tend to forget that beans are agricultural products, which means that their country of origin plays a huge role in how they taste. If you are not ready to experiment with various types of beans, the Arabica variety usually appeals to most coffee lovers.

It is a bit expensive when compared to Robusta beans, but it is totally worth the money. Arabica beans can make your daily cup of joe go from zero to hero! Just make sure to find a local provider that sells fresh beans. Coffee beans are often good for 2-3 weeks before they start losing their taste. To make sure that the beans remain flavorful, grind them yourself at home.

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Invest in a Top-Notch Espresso Machine

Although your machine may not seem like it has much bearing on how tasty your coffee will turn out, poor quality machines can make coffee too bitter or sour due to the lack of proper settings. So, you have to be careful when shopping for an espresso machine. The coffee lovers at recommend that you get one that allows you to control the water and steam pressure.

This way, you can make sure that your cup of coffee is to your liking. Furthermore, you should look for machines that are made of durable materials and allow for easy cleanup to spare yourself the headache of taking yours apart every time you need to wash it.

Be Careful About the Water You Use

A cup of coffee often consists of 95% water and just 5% coffee. For this reason, you need to ensure that the water you are using is not compromising the taste of your coffee. Generally speaking, tap water is not preferable for coffee-making, as it contains chemicals that can alter the resulting taste. So, you should use a water purifier instead. When looking for a purifier, you mainly have two options: reverse-osmosis (RO) and UV models. RO purifiers are usually more superior to UV ones since they are better at eliminating contaminants. Once you get your purifier, you will still have the question of water temperature. Coffee aficionados generally agree that brewing water should be around 195-205oF. Anything higher or lower than this will result in coffee that is too sour or bitter.

Try Different Combinations

Not all people like their coffee the same, so you might come across a recipe that everyone is raving about online and find that you do not like the result when you actually try it. This is why we recommend that you experiment with different ratios and combinations. To tweak the strength of your coffee, you can try a 1:15 ratio for a stronger taste or a 1:18 ratio if you prefer weaker coffee. You can also try to add milk or syrups in case you do not like plain espresso. Mochas, lattes, and macchiatos are all viable options. Moreover, some food combinations can enhance the taste of the coffee. So, if you like having coffee in the morning, you can couple it with an egg and bacon sandwich, donuts, or plain toast.

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Store Your Beans Properly

You may buy top-shelf Arabic beans only to find out their taste has changed overnight! The way you store your beans has a direct effect on their taste. So, when you buy a new pack of beans, make sure to store them in a cool, dark place like your cupboard. You may also put them in airtight bags or jars to preserve them. This way, you can ensure that they remain fresh and flavorful.

Coffee brewing is an art that has many secrets. However, you do not have to be a professional barista to make a tasty cup of joe for yourself. By trying out our previous tips, you will impress your friends with your top-notch brewing techniques. You will also be able to save time and money when you cannot be bothered to head to a café!

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