The Technical Side Of Starting A Podcast: What You Need To Know

Podcasts have taken the world by storm. They first started well over fifteen-years-ago but did not become massively popular until ten or so. In the last five years, people from all ages have started listening to podcasts, and their user-base is almost as large as that of television, or of online video streaming platforms. Starting a podcast is a great way to create a name for yourself on the internet and make yourself a fortune. Some podcast stars make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a single episode of their podcast. Seriously.

In this article, we will hope to tell you what the technical side of starting a podcast is, and what you need to know. Yes, unsurprisingly, there is a technical side. One cannot just pick their phone up and start recording themselves and call it a podcast. There is a lot of technical work required to start a podcast, and on this page, we will tell you all of it. Outside of technical work, you need to establish what your podcast will be about, write regular content, and find guests to star on your show. But that’s all subject matter for another article.

Here is the technical side of starting a podcast and what you need to know.


In order to record your podcast, as we just mentioned, you cannot use your phone, and rather, you need high-tech equipment. You will need a microphone, headphones, a pop filter, a camera [to do video podcasting, which is VERY popular at the moment], and a suspension boom. All of this equipment can cost upwards of a thousand dollars if you buy the high-end equipment. For your podcast, it is best to invest in the best equipment that you can find so that you can bring the highest quality podcast to your viewers.

Recording and Editing Software

Not only will you need physical equipment, but you will need digital equipment, too. Digital equipment, such as editing and recording software will be how you record and splice your podcast. In podcasts, accidents can happen; your mother may walk into the room, the phone might ring, anything could happen. These things happening during your recording can affect your podcast’s quality. So, to counteract this, recording and editing software is necessary. The reason being, you will be able to edit out and cut out chunks of the podcast that are interrupted. Equally, as you are starting a podcast, you will want to have your own unique introduction to distinguish your podcast from the other million podcasts that exist. Editing software will allow you to create your own introduction as well, which is another benefit of it.


You will need to host your podcast and have it appear on the right channels. Acquiring quality podcast hosting is essential to its success. The quality of your host is a very important part of producing your podcast. You must find a host that can offer you viewers and can ensure there will be very little downtime. You must find the best host you can. Additionally, you will have to pay for your hosting, so ensure you find the best host that you can, lest your money goes to waste. We cannot stress the importance of this enough.

Advertising and Marketing

Another very important part of the podcast development process, and one most people struggle with, is advertisement. There are many ways in which you can advertise your podcast, and we will hope to discuss a few of them now so that you can create a successful podcast:

microphone podcast


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method which can be used to have your podcast rank at the top of Google’s search listings whenever someone types in phrases pertinent to your podcast on Google. This is a fantastic way to rank high and improve your podcast’s popularity.

Graphic Art

Graphic design and art is another good way for you to advertise your podcast and is a way that many podcasters establish follower-bases. Graphic art is a very powerful advertising tool and one that you can definitely utilize in your marketing and advertising strategy and campaign.

Social Media

Using social media is another way to market and advertise your podcast. You can make use of social media influencers, who are digital celebrities in their own right. They are able to market your podcast to thousands of people and help to establish a large follower-base for you.

With the help of this page, you now know a few ways in which you can boost the popularity of your podcast, and what the more complicated technical details associated with a podcast are. We hope that at anytime you want to develop a podcast, that this page comes in handy.

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