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Essential Items That Your Home Bar Might Be Missing

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do for a living, you should have a functioning home bar. This part of the house is a place where you won’t worry about your troubles at work and your unpaid bills. This is the place where you will be able to relax while enjoying your favorite drink. 

Of course, if you have a home bar, you already know this. However, we are willing to bet that there are certain items that you don’t have in your bar, but you would love to have. Yes, that’s right. Of course, we can’t possibly know what your home bar might be missing, but we would like to guess.

That said, here are some of the essential items your home bar might be missing.

Quality Ice

You may ask yourself – how can ice be bad? Well, it can’t be bad per se, but it can look bad in your drink. The ice you buy at the gas station will cool your drink, but there’s a good chance your drink won’t look aesthetically pleasing. As a person who enjoys making drinks, you probably know how important aesthetics are when it comes to mixology. As you can see at, it doesn’t matter what kind of drink you are making, it has to look good and it has to be served properly. This is the best way to impress your guests.

Pour Spouts

As you probably know, mixology is all about precision. Therefore, if you want to be a smooth bartender who makes perfect drinks and looks cool doing it, you should definitely get yourself pour spouts. This is an essential item you must get for your home bar, especially if you like pouring shots and working with spirits. A lot of self-taught bartenders think that pour spouts are a waste of money, but they will make your life easier, trust us.

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Even though it’s not summer, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail every once in a while. However, if you want to make good Mojitos or Mint Juleps in a home bar, you have to be able to extract oils and flavor from mint leaves, fruit, and herbs. The best way to do this is by using a muddler.

To be fair, the word muddler doesn’t sound very delicious, but this item will definitely help you to make tasty cocktails for yourself and your friends. However, you must make sure to use it carefully, because if you squish the fruits and herbs too hard, they will become bitter and ruin your cocktail.


A lot of people think that garnishes in cocktails are just for show. This is one of the most common misconceptions about mixology. Yes, the garnishes are a decoration, but they are also edible. In fact, mixologists encourage people to eat the garnishes because it will enhance the taste of the cocktail. Therefore, if you are passionate about mixology and you have friends who enjoy drinking cocktails, make sure to get the good and tasty garnishes for your home bar. This will make a difference, trust us.

cocktail drink

Cocktail Books

Don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to tell you that mixology is as complicated as chemistry, for example. However, if you are new to this and you want to make great drinks at your home you should definitely buy a few cocktail books. How will this benefit you? Well, first of all, you will learn a lot of new things about drinks and various tools you can use to make those drinks. Secondly, having a book at your disposal will come in handy in case you forget how to make a certain cocktail when hosting a party for your friends. In other words, having a cocktail book will make you look like a pro behind a bar. Therefore, if you want to make perfect drinks and impress people, make sure to get a few books on mixology.

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Mixing drinks can be a wonderful hobby if you have the proper equipment for it. Making drinks can even be a form of meditation with a delicious result in the end. Therefore, if you are interested in mixology, you should invest in your home bar. Of course, you should get the equipment depending on your skills and your aspirations. You shouldn’t waste a lot of money on things you don’t need if you don’t want to do this professionally. However, the items we talked about today are essential for your bar at home.

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