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How To Be Sustainable In This Advanced Technology Era

It is inevitable for humans to rely on technology, and most of us now own at least a smartphone or a laptop. However, even if we are aware of the effects of our gadgets, it is hard to remove our dependency on technology. There are tons of benefits to green living, but it takes a lot of work to be fully sustainable. If you are looking for small ways to be sustainable while being in this technologically advanced world, here are some of the things that you can do.

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Get Better Products That Can Last Longer

The tech industry is the biggest consumer of energy, especially during the production and manufacturing phases. However, there are now a lot of products developed and improved to be better, last longer, and be more sustainable. When it comes to buying tech, consumers need to do more research and buy better products, not just for themselves but also for the environment.

If you are looking for a gadget, try researching more about the product before you make your purchase. Avoid buying something just for the brand name or the status, and instead, buy a product because you know that it is a good product that is long-lasting and user-friendly. Another thing that you can do is to look at Consumer Reports and other expert sources before purchasing your products. These reports and guides offer background information about the product and the brands, which can help you find the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly products on the market.

Hold On to Your Gadgets for Longer

A common occurrence when it comes to buying tech is that consumers tend to get new tech more often than they need to. The average tech user would switch or upgrade their phones in less than two years, typically because there is a new model on the market. This behaviour is what causes electronic waste, which is detrimental to the environment.

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While it is tempting to upgrade your phone whenever a new model comes out, you should be considerate about the gadgets that you buy and the product’s longevity. For example, when looking for a netbook, go for one with the specifications and features that can last you at least five years. Also, try to prolong the lifespan of your gadgets by repairing them, rather than just getting a new one whenever your gadgets start glitching.

Buy Second-hand or Pre-Owned Products

Another thing that happens when it comes to purchasing tech and gadgets is that people prefer to buy new products. However, if you consider buying second-hand or pre-owned gadgets, you can do a lot to help the environment and yourself. Not only can you help to extend the lifespan of the gadget which lowers the carbon footprint of the product, but you can also save money.

Buying second-hand gadgets is a lot easier now, considering how often manufacturers produce new gadgets. Also, a lot of people tend to switch their gadgets before the product has the chance to “live to the fullest”, so you can typically get at least a couple more years out of it. These barely used gadgets go for a lot cheaper, even if it is the latest model, so you can save a lot of money if you shop second-hand.

Do Not Leave Your Gadget Charging Overnight

Most people would be guilty of this, but you should avoid leaving your gadgets to charge for a long time. If you keep your gadgets plugged in when the battery is already full, you are wasting energy and killing your gadget’s battery life. If you want to avoid this, just unplug your gadgets once it comes to a full change.

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Most gadgets, like your smartphone and tablets, have long battery lives and battery-saving features so that you will not need to charge them often or for long periods. Laptops and computers have sleep mode which can also conserve battery life when they are not in use. You can also try buying smart power strips or charging cables that can turn off the power supply once your gadgets have some to a full charge.

Recycle Your Used Gadgets

No gadget can last a lifetime and there comes a time where your device has reached the end of its life. When that day comes, you should consider recycling your gadget instead of just tossing it out. By recycling your tech and disposing of it properly, you can avoid contributing to hazardous e-waste.

There are tons of recycling centres that accept electronics and tech gadgets, and they know how to properly dispose of your gadgets and recycle the parts. Some brands like Apple & Toshiba, they even take back old appliances and gadgets for free. If you are unsure of how to recycle your gadgets, check out your local electronics store or look online for more information on recycling programs.

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