Pros And Cons Of Non VoIP Telephony

One of the most popular and inexpensive form of telephony of all times has been provided by some of the largest global firms like Google and Microsoft, but it still remains unknown for few individuals. That’s right, I am talking about Voice Over IP telephone services. 

Commonly referred to as VoIP, it encompasses a group of technologies that provide delivery of voice communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. It is also available as a replacement to traditional phone services via public switched network (PSTN). But let’s give a much simpler definition of it. 

VoIP is an internet based phone service. This technology has been around for quite a long time now and many of virtual phone services nowadays happen to employ VoIP to connect calls since it beats the traditional phone system, in every sense of the word, as the modern face of communication.

This cloud based phone system uses digital signals for communication and facilitates seamless voice and video calling to any part of the globe. It is really cheap and does not require any complex hardware or phone setup, just good internet connection. There exists two types of VoIP services, Fixed and Non Fixed. Let’s learn some further details about these voip phone systems for small business, shall we?

  • FIXED SERVICES – they are associated with a physical location and cannot be obtained from providers outside the same country. 
  • NON FIXED SERVICES – more commonly known as Non VoIP services, they do not need to be associated with an address and are thus easily obtainable by providers from different parts of the world. 

One of the advantages of VoIP numbers is that they are very difficult to trace, specially Non VoIP numbers which can be obtained through a simple email signup.  They are rarely used by large businesses or organizations; they are generally preferred by internet users for personal purposes such as online account verification. Non VoIP numbers certainly have an edge when it comes to global communication. 

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They are commonly referred to as virtual phone numbers that can be linked to any geographic location on the globe. Now it’s time to examine why they might be a worthwhile investment by exposing their pros and cons.

Pros of Non VoIP Numbers

  • COST SAVINGS – they lower the cost of communication when compared to traditional phone lines. It is cheaper to purchase a number that will receive several text messages through the computer than to purchase a phone line.
  • DEVICE VERSATILITY – they can be used on multiple internet-reliant devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. 
  • NO EXTRA CHARGES – as said before, since they are virtual numbers, they are not linked to any specific location. Consumers can choose a number with any area code so that texts and calls will result in local charges. 
  • VARIATY OF USES – they can be used to verify services like Amazon, eBay, Uber, Discord, Tinder and other platforms. Also, consumers can register in survey sites to make money online by giving their opinions.
  • PRIVACY INSURED – they do not require any personal information such as name, ID, credit card number or a real telephone number: they are totally anonymous. 
  • WORLD WIDE SERVICE – they can easily be purchased from any country. They are also useful for those companies with branches worldwide or businesses that make them have a global expansion.
  • SERVICE AUTOMATION – they can be integrated with programs with different softwares to make mass verifications.

Cons of Non VoIP Numbers

  • CYBER FRAUD – since calls are transferred over the internet, the server tends to be unsecure, which often leads to fraud. These numbers can easily be located by any professional hacker or even be used for criminal activity. 
  • CALL QUALITY – calls through these numbers are contingent on how strong the internet connection is. The stronger the network is, the more virtually undetectable the call is. However, if the call is made from an area with poor connectivity, the quality of it will be bad.
  • PHISHING – it is a kind of phone scam, made specifically to Non VoIP numbers. Customers get calls that appear to be from valid local phone numbers only to be met with a scammer who seeks for personal information under the guise of being from an important organization, bank, insurance, or collection agency. 
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Now, less talking and more showing. Where can consumers actually get these virtual numbers? Although there a many Non VoIP number providers, few are all about saving time and money. This is the case of VerifyWithSMS. 

This number verification service is operated by the company Epsilon Technology LTD and provides US Non VoIP numbers under the best telephone service providers like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Spectrum, at the best prices on the market and purchasable through different payment methods.


VerifyWithSMS is quite a trustable US Non VoIP numbers provider for businesses and personal purposes in every single continent; to be more specific: the US and Brazil, the UK, India, Australia and Nigeria. It has helped hundreds of internet users transform their communication networks into simpler tools for their day by day activities. 

Its mission goes beyond facilitating account verification processes. VerifyWithSMS seeks to provide security and confidence in customers when registering on platforms, so that they do not expose any kind of important confidential information like a phone number.

Without a doubt, this service is simple, fast and reliable. Just provide a valid email address to register and start making thousands of account verifications with real US based phones from VerifyWithSMS. Don’t waste time and go take a look at their website! 

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